Content refreshes (or content updates or content Banner Design Service upgrades) have become increasingly popular among content marketers. Statistics published by HubSpot show that updating old blog posts increases traffic to old posts by 106%. Neil Patel also said he has three full-time staff and is updating nearly 90 positions each month. At Single Grain, we’ve also updated content. However, as someone who was part of the update, I noticed that not all posts performed exponentially Banner Design Service after the update. In fact, not only do some posts stay the same after an update, but sometimes traffic even decreases. So is the update worth it? If yes, what is the most efficient way to update the content? I sorted through the 42 updates the Single Grain team has made.

Over the Past Few Years and Found Patterns in Banner Design Service

Over the past few years and found patterns in Banner Design Service posts that did. Well and did not perform well after the update. In this article I will describe what I did and what I found. You can use these stats to share with your team and update. The content refresh system. Book my free content marketing. (and update) consultation how do I collect data I chose to use only data from Banner Design Service single grain blogs. As this ensures that all blogs are updated with. The same guidance and reduces variables in the data. Tools I use include. Clickflow (our own saas tool), ahrefs wayback machine and google analytics. Here are the “Single particle,” update guidelines rewrite the introduction and conclusion remove. Merge any weak links do as much research and writing as..

Possible To Increase The Value Of Your Work Banner Design Service


Banner Design Service

Possible to increase the value of your work update all Banner Design Service stats.Facts quotes and make sure all links to sources are not more than 2 years old replace any outdated or irrelevant images replace all examples.Case studies with the latest examples.Case studies I also predict that a site’s domain authority may affect performance after an update so with just one site’s data, Banner Design Service other variables can be eliminated. After having an updated list of blog posts, I sorted the data to find answers to the following questions. How long will it take to see the results. Will changing too many copies hurt your rankings? Which posts perform best? And more. Increase in traffic to updated blog posts ultimately. Updating old content increased our traffic by almost.

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