Invited by the teams of Egypt Phone Numbers List Krimi, Member of Parliament for La Manche, to a conference at the National Assembly on Tuesday, February 5, 2019, on operational excellence in the public sector, it is with great pleasure that I attended returned, having some experience on the subject and also, I must confess, some convictions on this theme, at least in the central administrations. The flyer of the conference “Operational Excellence in the Public Sector” – Applications, Issues and Evolutions As much to announce the color immediately, I am convinced by my few missions in central administrations, that the regulations or the HR

practices which apply to the civil servants, like those which apply to the contractual ones, are powerful brakes for everything which concerns organizational changes. Not that this is impossible, but these regulations considerably complicate and slow down any organizational change. Any attempt to move ends up costing dearly. It should be understood that 95% of managers in the public service prefer to give up in front of the scale and the difficulties of the task. We are not going to blame them, even if sometimes a simple step back and balance between the general interest of 60 million French people and the particular interest of

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a single civil servant or contractual, that should start to challenge. In a central administration, the consequences of these non-choices are very far from the visibility of the general public. The manager will prefer not to make waves and will give up most of the time. In short, it is possible (Yes! Yes!) But formidably complex. The policy of small steps is a virtual obligation. It is also necessary to know how to give up in certain services to move forward with others, with all the disadvantages that this entails. The short booklet of the conference recalls the definition of operational excellence. I quote : “Operational excellence aims to


optimize the practices of a private or public body by relying on the participation of all stakeholders to find solutions to the problems identified. In order to best meet the expectations of clients or users of the administration, this win-win approach calls on the knowledge, skills and experience of all stakeholders. The use of operational excellence makes it possible in particular to improve the performance of the organization in question in terms of the quality of the service offered, deadlines or costs. Operational excellence is organized around three founding principles Customer orientation to offer services more suited to users’ needs Efficiency in eliminating all wastes identified in the process Empowerment of stakeholders While

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operational excellence is mainly used by private companies, more and more actors in the public sector are using these principles to maintain quality service in a context of budget cuts and growing demands on administrations. ” And the program of the conference, enticing, will address: presentation, history and applications of operational excellence in the state public service, the territorial public service and the hospital public service. Sonia Krimi’s conference program – “Operational excellence in the public sector” Interventions on the “Presentation of operational excellence” part From my point of view, not at all objective, the conference starts off very badly, since Sonia Krimi, after having given a long reminder of the human

pillars of operational excellence (accountability, customer orientation, etc.), suddenly concludes her introduction by saying, in substance, which the example of Toyota clearly shows that Operational Excellence and lifelong employment are compatible. Why attempt a demining on a subject which was not in the plan of the conference (certainly it was likely that it is more or less addressed in the questions posed by the room)? But above all this demining is false. There has never been a job for life at Toyota. The Toyota system forces the less efficient employees to go to tier 1 then tier 2 subcontractors, etc. Lifetime employment only

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