There are more and more platforms like, where not only the owner of the platform or online marketplace sells products, but also allows others to do so . Very useful for both entrepreneur and consumer, but it is not always clear who the real seller is or why a certain seller is at the top.

Yes, that’s the ultimate key question, of course. Something with 133 vacancies per 100 job seekers. What you can clearly see in the examples from this article are two essential things: user-friendliness and creativity. 

A separate work-at-environment where you click directly to the vacancies, send your application with a Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email List few clicks and contact us easily. Make it as easy as possible for applicants. 

Sales Marketing Directors Managers Email Lists

Don’t forget that your social media channels are an extension of the careers environment: this is where candidates often look before applying. 

Creativity is often the hardest part, but on the other hand, there is no organization exactly like yours. So as soon as you show how things really are with you, you already distinguish yourself as an organization. Then schedule a brainstorming session with marketing, HR and employees who hold the position, et voilá: you’ll have a creative hook in no time with which you can set up a smashing campaign. 

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Do you know that when you thought you had ordered something from , but it was sent to you by another company? And if there is something wrong with it, you cannot report to . They do nothing for you, and refer you to the actual seller. If only you had paid more attention. To avoid this confusion and make online sales platforms more transparent, new rules have been in place since May 28, 2022. What obligations have been added?

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