In recent years, publications Saudi Arabia Phone Number List to the ecological impact of Bitcoin have multiplied, especially at the time of the rise in the price of Bitcoin, when it was the object of all the media attention. However, studies rarely mention the fact that the figures put forward are based on estimates, which are rarely precise, or even extrapolations. Perhaps the best-known example is the claim that Bitcoin consumes as much energy as a country like Ireland. According to Blockchain Partner, this is based on a study published in 2014, the conclusion of which indicates that the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining is in a range of 0.1 to 10

Gigawatts (i.e. a factor of 1 to 100, this which is not very precise) range in which the energy consumption of Ireland is located, chosen as a benchmark because the authors of the study were Irish. This assertion was subsequently repeated without the details necessary for its proper interpretation having been provided. Bitcoin consumes energy, that’s a fact. However, it is advisable to be careful when making such a number or comparison, especially when it constitutes an important element of decision-making. A simplistic view in several respects Bitcoin is not the blockchain Bitcoin is often put forward because it is the first use of the

Consumption Disparaged But Difficult

blockchain. However, there are other blockchains, public or private, whose protocols are sometimes different from that, known as proof of work, of Bitcoin. It is indeed this operating protocol that involves mining activities, at the origin of Bitcoin’s much-maligned energy consumption. All blockchains therefore do not consume the same energy as that of Bitcoin, both because of their size and their operating methods. Bitcoin mining is partly powered by renewable energy The ecological footprint of energy consumption is strongly linked to the means of production of this energy. However, according to several studies cited by Blockchain Partner, a significant part of Bitcoin mining activities would use renewable energy, in particular “mining


farms” located in the Sichuan region, in China, which would rely on hydroelectric power. Although it is advisable to be cautious about this type of statistics, it appears that a significant part of the energy consumed by the Bitcoin protocol is of renewable origin. Hydroelectric power plant Better still, Bitcoin mining would promote the development of renewable energies by constituting a stable, scalable and mobile demand, able to go and settle in remote areas where renewable energy production projects can sometimes be found (hydroelectric dams , solar parks, etc.). Conclusion As we outlined in this article, measuring the environmental impact of blockchains is difficult to estimate. When this factor appears in a decision-making

A Simplistic View In Several Respects

process, it is therefore advisable to analyze the information carefully. It is also necessary to ask some additional questions: if the environmental impact of the implementation of a blockchain is really the object of concern, what is the environmental impact of the alternative or alternatives? Is the environmental impact really the object of concern or is it just the latest trendy pushback against a technology that is difficult to grasp? evaluation grid of the POC which must be completed during the technical implementation phase. This grid must at least contain the objectives of the POC, their evaluation criteria and achievement levels

(assessed as the work progresses by the design team). At the end of the POC, it will thus be easy for the project team to draw informed conclusions as to the initial objectives and to obtain clear answers as to the options to be taken for the rest of the project. Prepare test cases Once the framing is complete, it is important to clearly define what should be technically tested and the modalities of these tests: How to carry out the tests? With what data? What validation criteria? One of the main interests of the POC being to test a solution, this phase should not be neglected. It requires a precise test plan in order to be able to give

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