With almost 50% female listeners, iVoox has tripled the number of female podcasters over the last decade. We have successful programs created by and for women in both the free catalog and the exclusive iVoox Originals catalog. Women have discovered the podcast as a simple and affordable means of communication, perfect for entertainment and for promoting their interests and occupations. This is demonstrated by the resounding sustained growth of female listeners and podcasters that we have registered in recent years. And it is that, although the creation of podcasts is still led by men, in recent years we have seen a growth in visibility and professionalization of female podcasts, driven by the growth of the female audience, which already represents close to 50%. Thus, in 2021 more than 27,600 podcasts were created by women, which represents 43%.

For its part, the podcast is one of the favorite information and entertainment vehicles of Spanish women, with interviews with current profiles prevailing as their favorite topics; fashion, style and trends; society and heart; cinema, TV and Benin Phone Numbers shows and stories and children’s, which are followed by humor and entertainment, gastronomy or financial and legal. The women of iVoox Originals The catalog of exclusive Originals led by women has increased significantly in the last year, which represents a growing interest in a profession that has greater projection every day. Among them, the contents aimed at the professional growth of women stand out, such as Espabilismo Freelance by Marina Miller, the podcast with the best tips to boost your business; Reinvented Mothers by Billie Sastre, with inspiring interviews with mothers who have reinvented themselves professionally.

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In the same way, the audios dedicated to personal well-being, such as Un Ratito con Irene , a podcast by the psychologist Irene López Assor or Slow Medicine Revolution , enjoy a great following., where doctors Sari Arponen and Africa Villaroel talk about health to break outdated myths and fight for a paradigm shift in medicine. Also entertainment and happening podcasts like Game Of Assassins , Martha and Kiki’s true crime podcast; or Las Culturetas , where Carla Chicharro, Marina Camacho and Narda Rincón talk to us about humor, cinema, documentaries and a lot of pop culture. Special Women’s Day Other contents highly followed by them are those with a gender perspective, among which are Radiojaputa , a radical feminism podcast; Stretching the gum.

A comedy gathering with Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín; Oh Bells! , where Lidia García talks about folklore with a gender perspective; Fan Grrl , a culture program explained in a feminist key; Daughters of Lilith Feminist who spreads news and curiosities of the world through the eyes of feminist philosophy. Sangre Fuchsia , the feminist sound fanzine from Ágora Sol Radio that has been fighting for equality since 2013; or Malasmadres Club, which fights for a real conciliation and an equal society. For you, who are a great movie buff, we bring you the 10 best cinema, movie and TV podcasts. From the hand of great experts you will be able to know. All the details of the best movies, great classics, spin-offs, the latest on movie premieres, professionals of the seventh art, awards, audiences and much more.

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Discover the best cinema, movie and tv podcasts The Orbit of Endor. The Obit of Endor We start the top with a cult program. The Endor Orbit is an essential podcast for all lovers of cinema, series and comic book culture. You will find all kinds of content related to fantasy and science fiction. As well as the most complete analyzes of your films. Listen to The Orbit of Endor for free on iVoox almighty almighty Arturo González-Campos, Rodrigo Cortés. However, Cansado and Juan Gómez-Jurado bring you the best of the world of cinema and series. However, also of the comic book and culture in general. Only good things can come out of these fantastic four. However, Almighty Ones is a podcast that will hook you from minute.

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