With the UGC, IGC and EGC, content strategies for brands, especially in Niue Email List and video , go well beyond good old corporate content à la papa, alias (BGC). This is what our friend Thierry Maillet , founder of Ooshot.com explains to us , with the introduction of his original concept of omnivisibility, through which he uses the four methods to produce images for brands.

These methods work, a bit like omnichannel, by proposing possible paths according to the different channel strategies adopted. An original and useful method for brands that want to get out of the traditional video and photo train, to enrich their marketing strategies through content and take advantage of content generated by users, employees and influencers.

3 New Ways To Produce Images Since The Introduction Of Smartphones

The BGC method, or brand-generated content, known for a very long time, is the most traditional method of making images for brands. It uses cameras, cameras to produce traditional photos and videos. Since the introduction of smartphones, three new ways of producing images have emerged. It is time, according to Thierry, for brands to seize these new modes of content production, which do not mean the death of content produced by professionals.

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On the contrary, they offer complementarity and openness to new useful options for brands. By combining these different forms of content production, brands can succeed in increasing their presence in a more harmonious and collaborative way, according to Thierry, hence the concept of omnivisibility, modeled on that of omnichannel. Let’s see this concept of omnivisibility in detail with this interview with Thierry, carried out in our premises between two confinements, starting by precisely defining the different modes of content production.

L’UGC (User-Generated Content)

UGC is the best known and oldest new form of content generation. In this case, it is the users or consumers who produce the images. Companies can reclaim this content that was not generated by them by highlighting the brand’s fans.

UGC was behind the success of a company like TripAdvisor in tourism, for example, because the content there was entirely user-generated. It is clear that very few companies use or encourage UGC. AI has a big impact on society, by changing the way we think about work and how certain jobs are carried out, he adds. It has an impact on the way we think about the relationship to tools. It’s a reversal in many ways and we have to think about these changes in a fundamental way. We have to give them a framework, a discussion, a dialogue, to be able to appreciate them, and also to be able to put technique not just at the service of performance, but technique at the service of a world that is at best for the common good.

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