For the past few years, we’ve been watching Hacker’s festivals with envy. The best Austria Email List being the gathering of the Chaos Computing Club in Berlin. This year, no CCC but the OHM ( Observe, Hack & Make ) 50 km from Amsterdam. ,

It is therefore Thibaut and Nicolas, via Xavier, who had the chance to be chosen by 50A to immerse themselves and discover this event. Imagine a gigantic camp, more than 115 camps, 3000 people from all over the world, 5 days of outdoor conferences and workshops , ideas, projects, knowledge that come together and are shared. Paced by rules and codes of community life at the height of tribal and feudal encounters, OHM demonstrates that the classic organization will exist

“Stroll Around The Camp To Feel The Wind Of Ideas”

When we arrived, we were looking for a place to pitch our tent, we got to know the members of a hackerspace, but not just any: the first French hackerspace, created in 2007, the tmplab . They welcome us to their camp – thank you to them – and it is the beginning of the adventure!

Austria Email List

Each camp is attached to a clan. Some move with flags to claim their membership. Workshops are offered in some hackerspaces. Exactly, a hackerspace, what is it? It’s a bit like a hacker lab, a place of collaboration. Hackerspaces are also developing all over the world.

Several French hackerspaces are there, they come from everywhere: the Tmplab, the Tetalab of Toulouse with Alexandre and Marc, the Labfab of Rennes of John Le Jeune , the Electrolab … And at the turn of the workshops, we cross the road of ‘ Belgian hackerspaces , a Malaysian crew, Hack in the box , the Alexander group, the Luxembourg … These encounters that have animated our weekend!

“Be Excellent To Each Other”

OHM 2013: enough to put an end to the image of the geek hacker hidden behind his computer. The goal, as we have understood, is to share knowledge, to debate problems encountered, to inspire each other, to communicate without limits around technologies and their importance in the contemporary world.

We go from discovery to discovery. The speed of the wifi network is impressive, 5 GB. We meet all kinds of people: young, old, women, men, of all possible styles, families who come with their young children even. No doubt this is because this festival proves that hacking is not limited to pure and hard computing and that today everything is hacked … And especially the real, beyond the virtual.

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