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In producing this glossary, Visionary Marketing has come up against a major problem: f … is he dead or alive? Looking briefly through the Samoa Email List of Visionary Marketing , I realized that this question has been on the agenda since… 2011! Suffice to say since the dawn of time. So the question may appear to be a chestnut tree, but deep down, it is not. Since I have been practicingcontent marketing. In B2B, explain your vision, work philosophy, market approach, methods and …

on the Internet, 26 years old this year, I see these meteors coming and going on the Net. The others remain, and since consistency is not the most widespread quality, it is the latter that win the day, without making as much noise, but in a more efficient way. Announcement of a strategic and practical webinar for February 25, 2021 , organized jointly with Frédéric Canevet

B2b Blogging: Patience And Length Of Time …

The diagram is always a little the same: first, a new tool arrives, or a new mode on an existing tool. Stars get into the new fashion, spark a little bit for a few weeks / months, at best a year or two and then leave. Besides that, those who cling are few.

Samoa Email List

Not very sensitive to fashions, they stick to their content and their favorite platform for expression, the blog. Last avatar, those people who come back to you after weeks and months ofbuzz
Recommendations, word of mouth marketing and social media to be essential …on LinkedIn – a tool we love to the point of paying for it – and weep endlessly over algorithms, their reversals and… their lost content buried deep in the network of professional networks.

About This Event

Since the time we have been told of the death of blogs… On the contrary, with the crisis, they have never been so essential. Meanwhile, Visionary Marketing continues to distill its long tail, patiently, for a quarter of a century. Patience and length of time… With Frédéric Canevet from Conseilsmarketing, we therefore organized a webinar to help readers master B2B blogs by mixing strategic and tactical advice.

If you answer this questionnaire, two solutions: either you are in the target of what we are looking for, and at that moment you answer the questions, or you are interested but not necessarily in the target and in this case, it suffices to enter your email address and we will send you the study report free of charge.

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