Widget for iOS 14 ! If you have an iPhone with that operating system, you can retrieve your pending listening and lists from the home screen of your device , without having to open the app. Enjoy your favorite content even more! personalize it You can also choose different designs, put a larger or smaller size and place it how and where you want , along with the other widgets of your favorite apps. start using it We explain how. Too easy! Pay Kenya Phone Number attention: 1- Click on the home screen of your iPhone and click on the “+” button, which you will find in the upper left. 2- Search for “iVoox” to find the widget and select it. 3- Customize the size and place it as you want on the home screen, along with the other widgets. 4- Access your latest listening and favorite lists from the home screen.

No need to open the app!We are happy to announce the launch of iVoox for Brands: the first specialized advertising marketplace for the world of podcasts . The podcast industry is booming and, according to data from the consulting firm Deloitte, it had a turnover of more than 1.1 billion dollars in 2020. We find ourselves in a context in which more and more brands are betting on the podcast as a marketing strategy. marketing and where podcasters are most interested in monetizing their content. This new platform aims to bring the connection between podcasters and advertisers closer .

From Your Iphone Home Screen!

However, is a tool that makes it easier for brands and content creators to collaborate. Develop high engagement campaigns , thanks to an algorithm that ensures the best fit. Podcasts related to the advertiser’s target audience. The operation is simple: advertisers. Be able to request their advertising campaigns created from the marketplace in a few minutes. However, a podcaster you will receive several proposals and you will be able to participate with the ones you consider appropriate . In addition, it represents a new way that is less intrusive and that fits better with the content to monetize. With which you can increase the income of your podcast .

Join now A tool to bring great brands closer to great podcasts. According to data from eMarketer, 64% of users consider advertising in podcasts to be good and 54% say. They would consider a brand more after listening to it in this format. The success of podcast advertising lies in its ability to segment the audience and brand recall. Which is much higher than other advertising alternatives. It is a direct communication channel. Allows companies to associate certain values ​​and, above all, add value to their public. IVoox for Brands allows brands and agencies to request their campaign in a few minutes and receive personalized podcast proposals based on their objectives, with total control and transparency.

We Release a New Ivoox

However, has a technology that uses all the aggregated data of the more than 10 years. We have been helping to develop the podcasting ecosystem in Spain and Latin America. However, to this, it generates optimal content selections to the needs of each campaign. However, native podcast advertising platform creates a new bridge between podcasters and advertisers. And was born to help content creators get sponsorships and facilitate contact with big brands . However, is how advertisers can set up a campaign in the new iVoox marketplace. Branded content for your podcast. Best option When it comes to monetizing your content through advertising, branded content allows for a more integrated type of campaign for your podcast listeners.

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