However, , emotions, feelings, social skills are very important issues and we should not leave them aside. Thus, in the podcast A little while with Irene, he discovers the interesting world of psychology from the hand of an expert. A little while with Irene PsychoGuides by Helena Echeverría Helena Echeverría psychologist, author and trainer of PsicoGuias, a platform. Where they help people feel good and improve their lives. This podcast brings: a weekly program on practical psychology and personal development. Designed to help you calm your mind, feel freer and boost your confidence.

Psychoguides Inner Wave A heartfelt and thoughtful conversation about psychology and mindfulness, spirituality. Meditation and much more is what Onda Interior offers you, a podcast that offers you a space to reflect and share. Inner Wave Practice Israel Phone Number positive psychology Learn to apply Positive Psychology in your daily life with this podcast by Dafne Cataluña and Eva Rodríguez. It enhances happiness, optimism, gratitude, forgiveness, viability and 22 other strengths. If you want to discover a whole world of personal development from the perspective of scientific psychology. We encourage you to join this community of people curious about well-being and happiness.

Reflect and Learn All About Mindfulness

Practice positive psychology Bea’s puzzle Get to know the reflections of a doctor. Who is passionate about the integral vision of the human being. Who, being also a patient with a mental illness, sees the need for a change of perspective towards this type of problem from positivism. Self -confidence, love and the security of that we can all be happy if we really bet on ourselves. Regardless of labels. Bea’s puzzle goes in series. If you are passionate about knowing what is behind the characters of series and movies. You should listen to this podcast. However, psychotherapist Dani Galván together with the communicator Juanjo Núñez explore the psychology. Behavior or disorder that hides behind the characters and thus give you the tools to understand and process if you find yourself with a similar situation in your life.

However, in series Mindfulness, relaxation and personal development meaning seekers Life based on mindfulness is what will help you maintain balance. However, to this podcast and learn to live without having to be right, trust in the process of life, learn to be free, get out of error as soon as possible and much more. Listen to this podcast and start feeling good! meaning seekers The Good Morning Club Every day can be a good day. He accompanies Oliver Oliva on his adventures, a particular radio announcer in search of happiness around the world. However, listens to The Good Morning Club and learns about mindfulness and motivation with a lot of humor.

Veronique, a Professional Mindfulness

However, the days good, but really good days! The Good Morning Club This is Mindfulness In this mindfulness podcast, psychologists Darío Benítez and Daniel Moscoso. Teach you new ways to be more in the here and now. With his episodes, he learns to better manage hunger. However, live a meaningful life, to meditate to do what he really wants to do, to meditate to know our breathing. Discover all the benefits of mindfulness and put them into practice. this is mindfulness At every moment. ​​Coaching & Mindfulness. Acquiring a new habit takes 21 days, start today with the Every Moment podcast and learn how to incorporate those habits necessary to live a healthier and fuller life every day. Reflect and learn all about mindfulness with Veronique, a professional mindfulness technique and personal development coach .

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