A lot of people Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers List the words “incentive” and “participation” from employee savings, but no one really knows what they stand for. Today, it is a complex subject, which scares both companies and employees. The idea of ​​EPSOR is to convert this very financial system to a real HR system, and to show how it is win-win both for companies and their employees. The problem we are responding to is therefore twofold: On the business side, and in particular micro-businesses and SMEs, the recurring issues are those around human resources: labor cost, business attractiveness and talent recruitment. SMEs know little about it, but

employee savings, through a profit-sharing agreement for example, make it possible to respond to these three challenges: it is an attractive HR system and at lower cost for the company. As a bonus: provisions of the PACTE law that entered into force on January 1, 2019 removed the social package on profit-sharing for companies with less than 250 employees. So the company can pay incentive bonuses to its team, without paying any charges. If the company wants to pay € 1,000 to one of its employees, it costs € 1,000 and the employee receives € 903 (after CSG CRDS), vs € 380 in a classic premium system (with a marginal tax rate

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of 30%). Advantageous taxation, for the benefit of the company and its employees therefore! At Epsor, we support companies in all their administrative procedures and we offer a 100% online solution, for quick and easy implementation. In addition, the employees who benefit from profit-sharing or participation today often do not realize the interest of these devices. They are not at all supported, either by initial training on the subject of employee savings, or in their savings choices afterwards if they decide to invest their bonuses. It’s a shame, because incentive and participation are very powerful HR systems, which support employees in all


their life projects. This is why with Epsor, we support them with an online advice module, to make the choices adapted to their personal situation. What’s your promise? Of course, Epsor did not invent employee savings plans, but new generation employee savings plans may well be! Until now, SMEs had not widely adopted these devices, due to their complexity and the associated administrative burden. The figures speak for themselves: only 20.6% of employees of companies with 10 to 49 employees benefit from employee savings plans today, compared to 93% of employees of companies with +1000 employees. With Epsor, we want to democratize access to employee savings plans for SMEs. This is why we offer a simple and intuitive

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platform, which makes the subject readable for companies. They are also supported at all stages in their administrative procedures. Our promise for the company is to offer a powerful HR system to their employees, while saving money. We are 100% transparent about costs, unlike more traditional offers, everyone knows exactly what they are paying! Our promise for employees is to no longer need to ask your office colleague which savings vehicle to choose. We guide them, so that they understand both the interest of these devices and that they can make the best savings choices to carry out their projects. How did you

start the project? We are 3 partners: Benjamin (Pedrini) and I met at the inspection, at Société Générale. After 9 years there, I wanted something else, so I left at the end of 2016, without really knowing what I was going to do. With Benjamin, we wanted to undertake and the subject of employee savings quickly arrived. It has the merit of being at the crossroads of the financial world, which we know very well, and the HR world, which fascinates us. We think it is good to remember that the company is first and foremost a collective adventure, made up of men and women. When the idea emerged, the timing and the subject were right and

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