For almost 10 years, we have believed in collective intelligence . Whether in Digital, SEO or e-influence, we organize events that allow us to enrich our Bermuda Email List and share it. MyDataLabs is a 1901 law association, part of a spontaneous emerging movement of people interested in Quantified Self and personal data.

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A Think Tank At The Service Of Data

Christophe Ducamp Emmanuel Gadenne , Nicolas Bermond and Thibaut Brousse , who are at the origin of the project, aim to reflect on personal data, open data and big data. “We want to stay focused on personal data” explains Christophe, “to become a kind of think tank and change tank” .

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The objective is to unite both the people who fight to impose standards, and the people who lobby to imagine and invent new businesses and economic models. All this, in an educational approach to personal data.

MyDataLabs: a balance between transparency and privacy

Christophe would like to set up a group of reflections in French since the raw material is in English, to sensitize a French public. Subject which is extremely vast, the exchange of data will become an enormous economic and financial stake, which will be based on the question of the respect of private life.

What interests them is the peer-to-peer philosophy but also to defend the user. Christophe insists on the fact that the four giants which govern the Internet (Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon) make their market on the data which is produced day by day by the user, without this one having the least knowledge of it. yDataLabs hopes to raise awareness and ensure that this data circulates as well as possible and is in the interest of the user, while finding the economic means that go with it.

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