We aim for an NPS of +50 for customers. In the context of ‘ practice what you preach ‘, we also set the bar high for ourselves at Integron and strive for a high eNPS. At the moment our own eNPS is at +79! Practice shows that top performers distinguish themselves by offering an excellent service or product with the right service. Top organizations also do a lot better than average organizations in customer communication and complaint handling. Top performers also make you attractive as an employer. Not unimportant in a time when there is a scarcity on the labor market and the impact of COVID-19 is still noticeable.

Take advantage of relational and transactional feedback

More and more organizations are focusing on measuring touchpoints. This is to gain insight into specific moments of the customer journey and to be able to manage this. Transactional Software Managers Email List feedback can keep different departments focused on the voice of the customer. Collecting feedback then becomes a daily routine and becomes more and more in the DNA of your organization.

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In addition, I see that many organizations need insight into their relationship with the customer. A relational measurement makes the enthusiasm of your customer clear and strengthens the lasting relationship with your customers.

Make it personal

Customer surveys can be widely used online, but they do not reveal everything you want to know. Find out what you are missing, what feedback you want to get to the table and look for other, more personal approach methods. Like interviewing your biggest and most important customers. That personal touch was already important, but it becomes even more important if you want to distinguish yourself. In that context, you can also consider whether it is necessary to recalibrate your feedback strategy and ask yourself: what feedback do I really need?

The don’ts…

Have a one-time customer experience survey carried out

If you think, let me do a customer experience survey once and then never again, then I would say: don’t start. That is an empty investment that you do not want to bother your customers with. 

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