backlinks-and-seo-Colombia WhatsApp Number List agency 90 Although backlinks and their acquisition are often controversial, this is still an extremely important element if you want to appear in first position for high volume search queries. Link authority and PageRank Not all links are created equal. Links from trusted and authoritative sites will send more PageRank to your site than a link from a small, low-profile website. effect-link-authority-seo backlinks The authority, or popularity of a page, is measured by the PageRank score that Google assigns to it.

This score, calculated on a value from 1 to 10, is attributed according to the quality and quantity of links received. What is PageRank? PageRank is the technology used by Google to assess the importance and quality of a web page. This is one of the variables that Google uses to determine how well your site will rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). The PageRank of a website is represented by a number from one to ten. The higher the number, the more popular the website. The exact algorithm that is used to calculate PageRank is kept secret by Google. The algorithm is constantly improved with new features and new content analysis criteria. Until 2016, Google publicly displayed the PageRank score of each web page via the .

If These Articles Receive Links

PageRank Toolbar, which is no longer the case. pagerank-toolbar seo The PageRank Toolbar which communicated the PageRank score of a web page. Although each page’s PageRank is no longer publicly disclosed by Google , it still exists and is regularly updated! Now there are several unofficial, more or less reliable ways to measure the authority of a domain name and the authority of a web page . Moz created two metrics: the Domain Authority , to calculate the authority of the site as a whole, and the Page Authority to measure the authority of a specific web page.


Ahrefs uses the Domain Rating and the URL Rating. Majestic uses Trust Flow, for domain trust and the quality of links received, Citation Flow for the quantity of backlinks received, and Topical Trust Flow . This last metric measures the confidence of a page or a site, in relation to a specific theme. The goal in SEO is to get backlinks from high authority sites and pages dealing with a topic related to yours. As you will have understood, the contextuality between two pages which send each other links is essential for SEO! This is why Majestic and its Topical Trust Flow is certainly the metric that comes closest to the PageRank calculated by Google.

With More Information, More Texts, More Visuals

Techniques to get good backlinks When starting to link to your website, keep one basic rule in mind: target links from pages that deal with a topic related to yours . Thematic links from pages that talk about a topic related to yours will carry more weight for your SEO. good-backlink-contextual seo In addition, links from relevant and contextual sites show Google that these backlinks are legitimate. After all, it would seem really weird if most of the links to your baking blog are from video game blogs. Note : It is totally okay to get some links from non-contextual sites.

But if those links make up the bulk of your backlink profile, this will present a problem for Google. Black Hat SEO Techniques vs. White hat When we started doing SEO in 2010, the majority of SEO techniques were Black Hat. The tactics of artificially obtaining links through directories, press releases, blog comments, forums, or even PBNs (Private Blog Network) worked wonderfully. These kinds of obscure link building techniques don’t work as well today as they did before. In addition, since the release of the Google Penguin filter in 2012, this type of practice can earn you a penalty resulting in the complete.

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