Much medical education is now available online – on websites and via apps. Public and through My Environments. More and more healthcare organizations are making the switch from the classic folder rack to digital first . A central content source is essential for this. But how do you do that? And what are the biggest challenges? In this article we dive into the digitization of patient information.


Last year, a Nivel poll showed showed that people nowadays search a lot for information about health complaints and conditions (60% of people) and treatments (37% of people). In other words: what do I have? And what should I do about it? Digital search is the most popular. An open door, but still. In 2020 it is therefore difficult to think of a reason why you should not digitize.


No ‘single source of truth’

Nevertheless, there are enough care organizations where information information still coexist in all kinds of forms and versions. The information about a treatment is available in a folder, there is a page on the website, a description in the app and then there are the letters with attachments.

One description is current, the other secretly no longer so. With all COO Email List the associated consequences: uncertainty about ownership internally, inconsistent information among the patient. The patient is poorly informed and confusion or even confusion arises. The solution: one central, digital source that serves as a single source of truth , forms the basis for all your expressions and channels. Online and offline.

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Why digitization is important

I list the main reasons for doing this for you:

  • 1. Accessibility
  • 2. Efficiency
  • 3. Timing of Education
  • 4. Right to clear information

1. Accessibility

There are many healthcare organizations that offer information about treatments and services on the site, but via a downloadable PDF. Job done: the latest version of the folder is online. A PDF document is not made for digital reading: a PDF is intended for printing. You are also less able to optimize the content in a PDF for Google. And internal search functions often have trouble indexing the content as well.

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