The answer is yes, but for this, it is necessary to be clear about some aspects. In this article we explain the points that we consider most important to successfully monetize your iVoox podcast, increasing your support through Fan Subscriptions. What are fan subscriptions? They are the crowdfunding program with which you can monetize your content on iVoox. They allow listeners to become patrons of your podcast, with the financial contribution they want. As a thank you, as a podcaster you can offer them exclusive extra episodes, advance audio, or your broadcast history. Plus, your fans will listen to the podcast ad-free.

Why should you enable fan subscriptions on your podcast? In the first place, you do not depend on your listeners to monetize, but on your loyal Macedonia Phone Number audience, who is willing to pay to access a product that they could not otherwise. The podcast world is highly engaged, so if you stay engaged with your audience and post quality content, you can build a deep and lasting relationship. If you have a loyal community, you will have a lot of cattle for your fan strategy to go smoothly.

How to Be Successful

As a podcaster, you will receive up to 95% of the support after deducting taxes and your fans, in addition to accessing your extra content, will enjoy it without annoying ads. Let him know! When is the best time to start monetizing your podcast? You can monetize from day 0 when you start your podcast, but as a general rule we recommend having a loyal audience that already knows you. In any case, do not take it as a dogma. For example, a good way to target a paying audience right from the start is to offer an entire course exclusively. How to optimize your content strategy to get fans? The million-dollar question.

We do not have a magic recipe, but with common sense and based on our experience with successful podcasters such as The Orbit of Endor or Strange Days, we are convinced that these tips will help you: Build community Interacting with your listeners will help you better understand their opinions and needs. Respond to their comments and take advantage of constructive feedback to improve your content. Project a close and friendly image: ask your audience questions and take their opinions into account. It is not a job of one or two days, but with perseverance, you will be able to create a family around the podcast.

Is It Possible to Make Money

With the Community tool, you can share multimedia content with your followers and talk much more closely. Still, if your subscribers have turned on podcast notifications. They’ll get a notice every time you post: Keep it in mind to keep them coming back and encourage them to participate. Use the community to engage with your audience. Use it to complement your episodes with graphic material, to preview what is to come, or to share moments behind the microphones. You decide! In addition, with active Fans, you can publish exclusive posts for your patrons and share additional content that provides added value.

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