Therefore,  Mondelez on Feb. 23 named innovated its preferred global solution. Dynamic creative optimization (do), per a press release. The Kazakhstan Phone Number snack marketer will use innovid’s technology. To deliver real-time, personalized advertising at scale and across channels. The deal expands a previous partnership in EMEA. And Latam regions to the u.S. And apac. Earlier campaigns for mondelez’s Philadelphia cream. Cheese that utilized innovid’s tech saw ad recall rise 29% and. View-through rates on youtube increased by 38%, per the release. Therefore, The Kazakhstan Phone Number expanded partnership comes as CPG advertisers increasingly. Embrace CTV, which accounts for 44% of their video impressions, per innovid data. Innovid is focused on CTV and earlier this month acquired. Measurement and attribution platform tvsquared is a sign of the space’s maturation.3 key shifts that will shift the future of influencer marketing in this survey report.

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A valuable influencer for your brand. And which platforms you’ll invest in most. Download now Divi insight: mondelez is expanding. In other words, Its partnership with innovated as it seeks to deliver personalized creativity across. The Kazakhstan Phone Number globe — a priority for the marketer and other cpgs for years. Personalized, relevant advertising results in higher click-through. Conversation rates, but while most marketers are working on. Implementing plans to support personalization, just 13% are confident. In their ability to deliver, according to Gartner studies cited by. For instance, Innovid in the press release. Innovid’s technology seeks. In other words, To Kazakhstan Phone Number close this gap with its dco solution, which uses first. And third-party data — spanning geography, weather, and audience. Frequency, and more — to generate thousands of ad versions from a single creative asset.

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However,  Tech does not require third-party cookies. Or mobile device ids, both of which are being phased out. Or limited by major tech companies amid a heightening of data privacy. For instance, Mondelez has worked to Kazakhstan Phone Number increase personalization in its advertising. As part of its larger “humanizing” marketing strategy, while also avoiding what global. Vice president of consumer experience Jon Halvorson has. Previously called the “creepy chasm” that the tactic often faces. However, The Kazakhstan Phone Number expanded partnership builds on previous efforts that infused empathy. With personalization, Halvorson said in the press release.“now, we can further that success across new markets, ensuring our customer. Experience our portfolio of iconic global and local brands in an even more human way.

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