Facebook is one of the most powerful tools for building brand awareness for businesses and brands, regardless of their size and audience. But Togo Email List you start to manage your own page, you are often disappointed by its performance and especially by the effectiveness of its publications. This is why we will talk here about the benefits of moderation .

To set up this mechanic, you can do it internally or we can discuss it together! In any case, remember to ask yourself questions before choosing your partner to accompany you.
How does Mon P’ti Voisinage concretely fit into the collaborative economy? What is its economic model?
We are a virtuous service insofar as we unite. We want to create the most useful and easy to use tool all by bringing together . We don’t really have any competitors but only partners. We aim to integrate all relevant services into our platform.

Moderate: What Exactly Is It?

When you communicate on your page, you search or create content and then publish it. So far, nothing too complicated 🙂 But how to recruit fans , generate interest, retain the people who follow you? This is when we talk about moderation. Moderation is the “right way” to animate your community. It is, in effect, to signal that you are present by offering relevant content. But above all, it is listening to your target audience , understanding what they like and what interests them. You can talk about your brand but you have to be subtle and find the angle that will make your audience stop at your post / page. We must constantly go further to prevent him from getting bored. Offer relevant content yes but above all innovative so that Internet users want to interact.

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Moderation also means engaging in dialogue , responding regularly to comments … you have to show that you are there. Not to mention, the little shells that do not forgive. How does Mon P’ti Voisinage contribute to better living together? Our service facilitates and recreates links between all stakeholders in society . It makes it possible to share, to pool, to access positive collaborative services. We choose our partners for their virtuous character, and we will never be a partner of Uber for example.

Very Well. But For What Purpose (S)?

Have you heard of Facebook’s algorithm ? No worries, we’ll keep it simple. What is important to understand in this case is that: the more you intervene on your page and the more you engage in the conversation, the more Facebook will highlight your post. In Facebook language, this is called the engagement rate .

Take the example of the company LDLC which offers many games custom contest. What is your position in relation to data? Your service is free, and if it’s free, you’re the product, right? 😉
Yes it is generally true! But we are committed to never selling user data , never doing anything with it. This is an important question and we absolutely want to respect people’s data. In the same spirit, we always favor French solutions rather than those of the web giants (GAFA) and open source solutions . We try to have a virtuous approach at all levels.

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