Michelob ultra is encouraging fans to Paraguay Phone Number “enjoy it like it’s 1993”. A collection of in-person and online activations that recreate. Elements of the classic arcade game NBA jam, according to a press release. The effort is timed to the NBA all-star 2022 weekend in Cleveland from Feb. 18-20. The ab InBev brand will turn into a Cleveland bar. Into “boom shaka lakas,” an arcade bar inspired by the game’s iconic catchphrase. The Paraguay Phone Number bar will feature performances by rappers. Fat Joe and DJ jazzy jeff, meet-and-greets with NBA Hall of Famers, limited-edition merchandise, and more. Nba jam-inspired cans will be. Available at the bar, other Cleveland locations, and rocket mortgage fieldhouse.

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Cleveland for the game can tweet a selfie. To Paraguay Phone Number Michelob ultra with the hashtag ultra jam to receive a 16-bit avatar. In the style of the game. The brand also launched a ’90s-styled website where fans can buy merchandise. And premium items, including a custom NBA jam x ultra arcade console. Dive Insight: Michelob ultra is getting in on the persistent ’90s nostalgia trend. A handful of in-person and online experiences themed around a beloved. A video game that debuted in 1993, NBA jam. The Paraguay Phone Number collaboration could help the official beer partner of the NBA engage. With millennial drinkers who grew up playing the game in arcades and at home. Whether they are in Cleveland for the all-star weekend or not. Central to the effort is a pop-up arcade bar in Cleveland that finds.

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To experiential marketing as consumers. Continue to Paraguay Phone Number return to pre-pandemic activities, as the pandemic. Becomes an endemic part of everyday life. Along with serving limited edition, NBA jam-themed cans of the brew (which will also be available. At other Cleveland bars and at the arena where the game will take place). The pop-up features music by artists who were first popular in the ’90s. Nba players who are legends in both real life and. The game, exclusive merchandise, and appearances by. The Paraguay Phone Number voice of NBA jam, Tim Kitzrow, whose catchphrases are part. Of the game’s charm. To engage with fans at home, Michelob ultra is taking.

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