Depending on the type of product and audience you are looking for, social networks will greatly contribute to your strategy. For example, if you have a general bazaar-type ecommerce where you sell everything, social networks can help you reinforce your core strategy, which, a priori, will be to offer the best price on most products. On the other hand, if you have a more segmented product or product store (I talk about them in my niche ecommerce ebook ), it makes a lot of sense to use social networks since they are more community products and that visitors will easily share if they are of the same nature. target.

The metrics I use in online stores for social media come from several sources: Google Analytics,, Facebook analytics, Pinterest analytics, and Brazil Phone Number Twitter analytics. If you want something more advanced, you can go to more specific and paid tools. I will focus on the information from Google Analytics. From Analytics I get data on total traffic and activity on the web through social reports within Acquisition and those that can be found in Electronic Commerce filtering social sources.

The Data I Look at Is the Visits

That come to the web, the commitment (engagement) and how many direct and contribution conversions the visits from social networks bring me. Normally, the audience that comes to your site from social networks can be: First visit (they are visitors looking for information). Second, third or X visit (they were evaluating what reputation you have online and if you are trustworthy). Direct conversion visit. Although they are usually very few, unless you have a product that is very much of that type of target or impulsive purchase. Depending on the profile of visitors, you will be interest in one or another information.

For example, what should interest you from the first visits is to hook them and get. Micro conversions such as signing up for your newsletter or following. You on social networks to be able to send them information. You are also interested in knowing. What products they have seen so that you can send them suggestions via e-mail (we can do this with tools like Brainsins ). We are also interested in them accepting our cookie policy. So that we can plant a remarketing cookie and show them advertising, obviously. Of the second visits, you are interest in converting.

If They Already Know the Product

And were gossiping on social networks to see if you were trustworthy. What opinions people have about you and they return to your website/service. It is because they are already beyond the phase of exploring the product and informing about the product. Shop. You are interest in them converting, so we want a macro conversion (sale) or another type of micro conversion such. As filling the cart and registering to, at least, have their e-mail and be able to send them a cart recovery email. If they are direct conversion visits from the social network. (There are businesses that live in a very high % of this type of traffic). You are interest in knowing what network they come from and what products they buy. As well as any demographic data you may know about that person.

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