We started from the New Zealand Phone Number List that the telephone answering machine has not changed since the days of the cassette answering machine . We no longer have the physical keys but functionally, it does not add anything more. The result is that there is a lot of friction with people who are unwilling to listen to their messages or when they call find the messages uninformative. The consequence is that there are more than 60% of calls to SMEs that do not have an answer . All of this generates frustration for callers. We are trying to solve these two problems. What is the solution you propose to answer them? Today we started with a

product focused on two axes to create an intelligent answering machine : Improve reception for callers : The app allows you to personalize the greeting announcements instead of having the same announcement for everyone. In fact, it is an advertisement recorded especially for a named person. It is also possible to industrialize this personalization to reach more people by writing a message of your choice upstream with key words (first name, last name, company name, etc.) and choosing the voice of a voice assistant to read the message Transcribe the message into text : once the person has left the message, we will make the

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answering machine more efficient for the user. Some people don’t like to listen, others can’t listen because they are in a meeting or overwhelmed. Thanks to the written transcription, one can know at a glance the origin and the relevance of the message . The transcription is not yet perfect, especially for names, first names and brands, but it is sufficient for understanding. Multilingual support can also manage up to 140 languages. Another feature allows you to receive messages by email on several emails at the same time depending on the groups of contacts. This can be useful for salespeople who work together. If one of the


sales representatives is on vacation, the other can receive the message by email and can react if the call is relevant. Voxist intelligent messaging The ultimate idea is to transform the answering machine into a voice assistant . Technologies have evolved with the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, the rise of the cat has not made the voice disappear. There is a multiplication of communication channels and an increase in the overall volume of the voice, which remains the main means to reach a person from a market point of view. Voxist today? We launched the project in August 2016, marketing in January 2018 in France

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and in March 2019 in the United States . Since the end of June, we have around 2,000 users in each country , 50-50 between the two countries. There are 4 of us, with an associate in New York and two developers and myself here in Paris. We have significant growth in the US. We have a freemium business : with the free model, we have a limit on the number of transcriptions, language and then if we want to go further, we have subscriptions at 5 and 10 euros per month or tailor-made for companies ( in B to B). In the United States, we have signed two distribution contracts with telecom companies which offer Voxist to their

corporate customers. The next steps ? Voxist intelligent messagingWe want to set up an interactive voice assistant for restaurateurs . When you come across a restaurant’s voicemail, the answering machine offers to take a reservation or a message. In the case of a reservation, the customer will interact with a callbot then the restaurant owner confirms the reservation to you by SMS. This is interesting for restaurateurs because a missed call can mean missed covers and if the customer goes through a platform, a margin is taken. The commercial launch is scheduled for the end of 2019. We also want to develop the commercial part .

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