The MediaLab-Prado is a center dedicated to research and production in the field of digital culture and funded by the city of Madrid. Its aim is to Chad Email List a common place for art, science, technology and the social aspect. Many workshops are offered there to participate in projects, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, concerts, presentations… As a bonus, all these events are free and open to the public.

The ideology of MediaLab is based on collaborative work and collective participation for both production and research. MediaLab-Prado is therefore considered to be one of the most active and creative European centers in terms of digital culture. Several programs are showing at the moment, in particular the projects entitled Visualizar and Inclusiva-Net .

What Is A Medialab?

Visualizar offers strategies and tools for visualizing data (see the example of this site which maps “sad houses” ), while Inclusiva-Net offers research and reflections on network culture. Before giving the floor to the Digital Druid, let’s come back to two important concepts that will be used in the following: What is a MediaLab? Basically, a MediaLab was a laboratory at MIT (founded in the 80’s by Nicholas Negroponte) where a lot of research has emerged , particularly concerning virtual reality. Many MediaLabs then appeared all over Europe, starting research around new technologies, multimedia and design.

Chad Email List

A MediaLab aims to create a space for experimentation and manufacturing, in a spirit of free culture, learning and collaborative processes. What is a 3D printer? The 3D printer, also from MIT, makes it possible to produce a real object from a CAD file by slicing it and then depositing or solidifying material layer by layer to ultimately get the finished part . Word of Druid The world is changing and it is each time a real pleasure to see that all over the planet small fires are lit to show a new path. Once again in Madrid at the Prado MediaLab, I met @jararocha who explained to us the various works in “Working Progress”.

Word Of Druid

In the middle of 2 3D printers and a hacked kinetic 360, we realize that there are no more borders and that digital culture is in the process of (r) evolving the world. We immediately talked about Barcamp / Hacking Party / Digital Art and for once no need to go over the history of the last 4 years. Jara explained to us that the MediaLab is a place open to all, it regularly organizes workshops on various themes (creative commons, electronics, sociology and open source). I was able to discover an Internet network without an access provider, where individuals are the nodes.

This allows the Internet to be routed to places inaccessible to telecom infrastructures. Which reminded me of a project I imagined on an Internet where the knots would be in our clothes and therefore in perpetual motion (= stable). But also to be able to protect and share information freely #Hadopi #Lopsi (to come our Freedombox Foundation article). I have seen 3D printers that print people in motion using kinetic (see the yellow characters in the photo). Soon they will be printing chocolate cakes, macaroons … Finally, we talked about the 50AHOMEDIGITAL (co-creation space in progress) which, at first glance, would fit perfectly into the Madrid ecosystem.

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