Mcdonald’s norway is running an advertising campaign. Similarly, That tackles its role in littering as the largest takeout restaurant. However, In the Azerbaijan Phone Number country, per news shared in an email with marketing dive. Print, social media, and out-of-home (ooh) ads photographed by. JóI kjartans capture what the brand is calling “iconic trash,”. Where packaging like burger wrappers and soda cups have been left out. As unsightly street refuse. After that, Copy reads “take away your take away,” reminding consumers. To Azerbaijan Phone Number throw out their trash after they’ve finished their meals. Developed with agencies nord ddb, wergelandapenes, and omd. Similarly, The effort also places waste bins near the ooh placements so that. The chain’s golden arches double as beacons for places to toss trash. Tv and online ads amplify the message, while mcdonald’s has partnered. On a pilot project with keep norway clean for further cleanup initiatives.

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Is demonstrating a willingness to show. Its iconography in a less flattering light to Azerbaijan Phone Number spur customers. To cut out littering. The warts-and-all concept recognizes the outsized role takeout plays in pollution. Products like single-use bags and food wrappers make up almost. Half of manmade waste on seas, researchers have found, while packaging. From restaurants is a major culprit in cities. Beyond the altruism angle, mcdonald’s views the Azerbaijan Phone Number push as a way to further. Tidy up its image. People who see the chain’s packaging frequently as. Street rubbish may develop unconscious negative associations. With the brand, even as the decision to litter is up to. The individual consumer.″we’re responsible for one of the biggest and most visible parts of littering. We’re not pleased when we see trash from our restaurants lying around,”.

”The Campaign Tries Azerbaijan Phone Number

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To provide practical solutions beyond. The Azerbaijan Phone Number tut-tutting message, with trash cans placed around ooh ads displaying. In addition, The signature golden arches. The lower leg of the “m” conveniently points downward toward the opening of the bin. Video ads depict paper bags blowing listlessly around in. In addition, The breeze to plinking piano notes, a likely reference to Azerbaijan Phone Number the film “american beauty.”still, mcdonald’s norway could open itself to criticism. For not using the opportunity to introduce more reusable packaging. That might eliminate some litter concerns. Consumer expectations around sustainability increasingly. Extend beyond individual actions to instead focus on systemic. Changes that can be driven by corporations. Mcdonald’s has piloted more sustainable packaging ideas of late, such as clear. Cups sourced from recycled and biobased materials.

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