The subjects have fixed formats. Freek: ‘Three themes emerged: inclusion and diversity, health & wellbeing, and future of work. We have translated this into the Philips & I series , which consists of interviews with colleagues who have a special story about Philips as an employer. For example, we make one day a year available for volunteer work, and a colleague used that time to make more than a thousand elderly people happy with a personal card during the lockdown.


Sometimes they are taken over by the media. We once made the front page of an addendum to the Eindhovens Dagblad with an article about Philips’ ‘Willie Wortel’, the colleague with the most patents to his name.’

Flexible shell

Several colleagues are involved in the production and activation of content, as well as a flexible layer of freelancers and agencies: ‘I myself, just like a channel activation manager, am part of the integrated communications team of Philips Benelux. We also work with freelancers, a video agency VP Quality Email Lists and an agency that helps to set up paid social media campaigns.’

Chief and VP of Quality Email Lists

The content also catches on at a global level. Freek: ‘We can also activate a lot of the content we produce internationally. And when we published a Made in 040 video explaining the different. Types of medical imaging (how does ultrasound, X-ray, MRI and CT work), global’s immediate response was. We want that too!’

A good format for structure

The strength of the series is that one video was one of the. Most viewed videos on LinkedIn of the year. A good format helps you to create structure and in recognition by your target groups.’

Hopefully this insight into Philips’ content strategy will give you tools to keep your reputation in balance yourself. If you have other ideas about this, share them in the comment.

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