Mastering LinkedIn 3rd edition by Bruno Fridlansky. In fact, once the book is printed, you know that it is already almost out of date on certain elements South Korea WhatsApp Number List the tool evolves every day. What is important is the human behind. What’s the point ? It’s just a tool, it’s online networking. LinkedIn is just one more tool for connecting with humans .

LinkedIn is a transit hub. Mastering LinkedInLinkedIn is a bit of a passing hub. Everything we put on LinkedIn belongs to LinkedIn. Me, all that belongs to me is mine. So I’m going to get on LinkedIn to create relationships, attraction. And then being able to meet people in real life, outside of LinkedIn. There are over 600 million members around the world. I think 70 or 80 of LinkedIn’s revenue is in HR.

Mastering Social Selling: Listening To Your Interlocutors

When you train salespeople, I’m not talking about social networks, you explain to them above all how to listen to the interlocutor. These same salespeople, most of the time, are given a tool called LinkedIn. We tell them “you have a database of 600 million members, go ahead, type it in!” »And we forget the fundamentals of knowing what is the interest of his interlocutor and we will send him a commercial pitch directly.

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It’s like going to a networking session, you say “Hello! Here is my business card ”. You have to build trust first. Know what your interlocutors are waiting for before jumping on them! In my book “Mastering LinkedIn”, I explain what our interlocutors expect on LinkedIn. My favorite expression is “how to help your interlocutors to do their job better”. And that is to provide them with information that allows them to understand the industry in which they are. How can I the help?

A Philosophy Of Business, Networking And Listening

I have values ​​and I try to apply them in everything I do, in the use of professional social networks, including LinkedIn. I have been sharing and developing each edition of this book for four years. This one is entirely new because it is built on a triptych: to be present, known and recognized. Mastering LinkedInBuy Bruno Fridlansky’s book “ Mastering LinkedIn ” 3rd edition at Kawa Editions.

In fact, it is relational. This is exactly what we do in real life. Mastering LinkedIn: social selling will not disappear. The social selling will not disappear because it is not limited to LinkedIn. For me, you have to be interested in your interlocutors. It’s relational. We can do it on any network as long as we connect with other professionals.

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