International marketing is the set of activities necessary for the commercialization of products in countries other than the country of origin. Planning, setting prices, promoting and directing the flow of goods and services to consumers are some of those activities. The main concern of international marketing is to manage the difficulties that derive from the different environments in which the company offers its products. The controllable elements of marketing decisions need to be shaped and matched to the uncontrollable elements of the market. Controllable variables such as production capacity, the level of innovation and development, financial capacity or experience and knowledge of marketing.

Uncontrollable variables such as economic, political, legal, cultural and international competition forces exogenous to the company. Companies Taiwan Phone Number decide to internationalize and bet on international marketing motivated by factors of a different nature. Saturation of the local market, risk diversification, competitiveness, search for raw materials or continuous learning, among others. As with national marketing strategies, international marketing actions are included in a marketing plan , in this case, international. international marketing plan table of contents [ hide ] 1 International marketing plan 2 The new international marketing environment.

Controllable Variables Such

It is easier thanks to the internet To prepare this plan, we select the target markets that we want to target, assessing the number of countries, geographical areas and desired target markets . Once we have decided to internationalize our business, we do not choose to do it for all the countries. Not everyone will give us the same opportunity. It is necessary to assess and identify those to which it is more advisable to adapt. Those whose business opportunity is relevant. We will evaluate the possible target markets according to economic, cultural, religious, linguistic, legal differences , according to consumption habits and permitted distribution channels.

We will also investigate the competitors that we will have in the country. Which we want to enter, the international competitors and the local competitors. It will be easier this way to determine the regions and countries that most interest our company and discard the rest. It is important to take into account the culture. Show concern for the situation of the countries in which the company will be present, adapt to the differences in dealing with international clients. As well as generate initiative to search for opportunities offered by foreign markets. We must adapt when necessary, depending on these target markets, the variables of the marketing-mix that we consider.

As Production Capacity the Level

A product’s features, design, or colors may need to countries or regions. As well as its pricing, distribution, and channels or ways to communicate product launches. Finally, we will have to choose the form of entry into the new fixed markets. It through direct or indirect export, cooperation agreements or through implantation. The new international marketing environment In an international context overwhelmed by the differences between the different continents and countries.

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