The society of our time aspires to a new way of understanding the client-company relationship , through human marketing. Recognize the important role played by people as consumers and also within companies to draw strategies closer to the public and providing added value. In the previous post we talked about the 4 P’s of marketing and its relevance in the company. One of them was the P for Persons . Customers are not a figure or a number in sales, they are people with thoughts, feelings and different behaviors depending on the relationship they have with the company. The company must know and listen to its customers in order to retain them and improve the relationship between company and customer. The actions included in a strategy will be able to focus more precisely on the needs of the client the greater the knowledge we have of him. People table of contents.

However, 2 Values 3 4 C’s of human marketing 4 Emotional marketing allied with human marketing The priority for brands is not so much the product as it is the people, who trust and bet on the brand with which they believe they have the most Uganda Phone Number affinity. However, advertise the products, make suggestions for improvement, they have priority over the product, because without people nobody would buy the products. Behind companies, their productivity and efficiency, the resolution of problems or the success of brands, there are also people. Resolute, agile, creative, proactive and innovative people who give the value that the products need to satisfy needs. Human marketing aims to bring together both profiles of people: consumers and employees and managers of the company. To get closer to customers, companies choose to personalize consumer experiences, products, and services geared towards meeting human needs.

Human Marketing Aims to Bring

However, allows the customer to live an experience or a product as their own, feeling part of the brand . Values People as customers expect companies to establish a commitment to society and the environment. That surrounds them, in addition to sharing values ​​with which their public feels identified. The people who make up the workforce of a company expect that the values ​​that the company attributes are reflected. The internal functioning and the treatment that employees receive. Respect : One of the most essential elements for. Any type of relationship between people to work and, therefore, between clients and companies. It should never be forgotten that the customer is a person rather than a figure paid in exchange for a product.

However,  must show some empathy with their customers to strengthen relationships with them and build loyalty. Responsibility and sustainability. However, expect the brands and companies behind them to live up to their responsibilities and be sustainable. Customer service, returns and all post-sale services must be the order of the day. Pollution, inequality, poverty and waste are some of the events for which companies must devise strategies to reduce and finally eradicate them. The marketing we know today goes beyond the P’s of marketing. For human marketing, the 4 C’s of marketing are elements of great importance in customer relations.

Together Both Profiles of People

However, of human marketing Believe The consumer must believe in the brand Trust. If the customer trusts a brand, his satisfaction with the products will be greater. Collaborate. Listen to the opinion of customers to make them participate. However,  a personal brand of the company through which to address consumers. A personal brand with values, consistent with its message. Working on the 4 C’s of your brand, in addition to making you achieve higher sales for your brand, will allow you to create a community with your customers and subscribers continued over time. Lean on human marketing to establish a close relationship with your target . However, marketing allied with human marketing Emotional marketing humanizes your business strategy by addressing consumers as the human beings they are, with sincerity, tact and awareness of the customer’s emotions.

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