When we read a book we turn the corner of the page that we loved or underline the sentence that has given us something special… So why not be able to do it in iVoox too? Podmarks are the new functionality available in versions 2.270 of Android and 3.61 of iOS with which you can mark highlights of a podcast and then share them with whoever you want. In addition, the audio will start playing at the point you have indicated. How does it work? You can create them from the player easily. You just have to follow these steps! 1- Mark a point in the episode by clicking on the new podmarks icon, which you will find at the bottom of the player . 2- Create your podmark and save the changes.

3- Find your marks from They are arranged chronologically and you can consult them with just one click. You can also edit or delete them by clicking on the pencil icon at the top right of the screen. Another way to see the marks of an Georgia Phone Numbers episode is from the player itself, by clicking on the three dots icon in the upper right and accessing “My podmarks”. 4- Share with whoever you want through your social networks and customize the publication message . 5- Your followers will be able to listen to the audio from the point you marked and it will start playing from your podmark .

Improve the Organic Positioning

A few months ago we launched samples for fan episodes , which allow all fan episodes to have a small sample of the original audio, a few minutes long, in the feed with the intention of piquing the interest of listeners who listen to you outside. by iVoox . Now we are going further and we have also added the functionality to the iVoox website and the Android app. We tell you what it consists of! How do excerpts from my fan episodes work on iVoox? Now all the podcasters who have exclusive content have active excerpts from their episodes for fans. On iVoox, which allow all listeners to listen to a small open sample from the web and the Android app. And where the modal is automatically raised support after listening.

Once those minutes have been played, a wedge sounds informing the listener that they can listen to the full audio if they support the podcast in question. How do we think it can benefit your podcast? Last March we launched a pilot test on the web with which we intended to improve various aspects. After the test we have also extended it to the Android app and soon we will do it in the iOS app. Also, your fan episodes no longer appear in blue and with a “Support” button in web listings. To improve the click rate and for the listener to reach the episode file, we change the colors and texts to “Play”, which allows the user to press play and listen to the fragment.

Your Podcast in Ivoox Having

Which is not so much input brake. In the app now your fan episodes no longer appear with the usual lock. When you are not a fan, but instead the blue play icon is shown. When pressing, the user is taken to the player where they can listen to the fragment. Where at the end the wedge sounds and the support modal is raised automatically. Improve the number of listeners who dare to support you Now you can listen to a snippet. The episode on iVoox that will leave you wanting more, attract new patrons and increase conversion. It will not be necessary for them to actively click on the. Support” button, since the modal will be raised automatically when listening to your episodes for fans.

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