Please note: working with individual mailboxes and saving editing work on personal disks is (remains) risky. In the event of absence or departure, previously undertaken editorial work is difficult to trace.

Phase 2: through-selection of signals

The assessment follows whether and to what extent a signal is relevant. This tactical choice is the responsibility of a central player within the editorial team. Think of the role of director or editor-in-chief.

Several outcomes are possible:

  • Usable and deployable for site and/or socials.
  • Further discuss or investigate what the signal means and what may have news value.
  • Persist, for example until a more logical publication moment.
  • Not usable.

With the ticket concerned, the director or editor-in-chief motivates the VP Financial Email List choice made. If useful, the core message, frameworks, tags, deadline and possibly coherence with other tickets follow. If possible, advice will also be given as to which editor can best elaborate this signal in phas.

VP of Financing Email Lists

There is also feedback: the director informs the person from whom the signal originates.

Phase 3: editing / text creation

An editor works with the selected signal and develops a message or article that is attributed to the target group.

When reusing existing messages, light editing may suffice. An interview or a blog often requires more preparation, which also means a longer lead time. In addition, a guide will require various experts, the content of which will be closely related and the agreement of all those involved will be required. In this situation, multiple iterations (repeated process steps) are needed.

It is practical to elaborate each message in a separate working document. Consistently, the editor uses the header structure because of digital accessibility. The editor determines the tags (keywords). He records these as well as the steps he has taken and at what moments and with whom coordination has taken place. Draft and final versions are always stored in the online work environment.

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