Two years ago, Chris Anderson announced a new industrial revolution . Namely the power to do stuff ! More prosaically,… transforming the Antarctica Email List of electronic bits into the power of atoms… What about today? Point to date on an emerging and effervescent movement.

A Legacy of Punk-DIY Culture DIY Punk Inherited from the counter-culture of the DIY punk movement associated with zines and more generally the rejection of the need to buy objects or use existing systems or processes, the Makers movement is taking its first steps in France.

But What Is A Maker?

A modern day handyman, social, curious and enthusiastic to realize and share on a community of enthusiasts. Maker is a state of mind, halfway between the tradition of making yourself and new technologies that offer a range of possibilities for creating and inventing.

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Around the world, enthusiasts define themselves as “makers”: they self-learn together, educate each other and openly share their innovative ideas so that others can build on their innovations. These actions resulted in rapid improvements in tools such as 3D printers, the design of new tools in all categories and the creation of new businesses.

Leitmotifs: Invent And Prototype

In short, an aggregation of underlying values ​​around personal development, professional success, community management and continuous innovation. The common points: exploration, encouraging innovation, creativity, prototyping, learning and … all for fun!

The interests of the makers initially born around the 3D printer and the Arduino are now open to all possible fields: arts, woodworking, robotics, typography, biology, cooking, garden … for n ‘ to name a few. Today makers provide the knowledge, talents and tools for anyone who wants to take back control of their future.

In 2014, the underground phenomenon of happy tinkerers and hackers contesting the existing economic order came out of the shadows to create new places, inspire children and adults to learn and to seek innovative and sustainable solutions to have fun. , rethink local production and participate in a social project.

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