In the words of the owner: “ We are a small webshop that sells climate-friendly and ecological stationery. We started small now but have a lot of ambition to design and produce even more products!”. So Paperleaves sells things like notebooks, stickers, bookmarks, prints and more. Everything is made from recyclable materials and can be personalized.


  • First impression. Here too, a photo is used on the homepage that conveys the vibe of the company. It also immediately shows some products and you are immediately referred to the shop.
  • Corporate identity. A minimalistic modern house style with neutral colours. The corporate identity is based on the products that the company sells. This is strong because it is consistent and can give you an idea of ​​what it will look like without looking at the product.
  • responsive. The website is usable on mobile.
  • readability. A legible font is used. The text lines are not too long, making them easy to read.

Points for improvement

  • The website does not scale well on tablet format. The logo at the bottom overlaps parts and the grid is no longer completely correct, so some parts that should be centered have shifted slightly to the right.
  • The category part has a photo as background, the text of the categories has a color that is too close to the background photo. This ensures that the text is not legible.

Botanical Bright

Botanical Bright is a webshop that sells pins, prints, stickers and Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists jewelry in a botanical theme. The idea behind the webshop is that wearing such a small pin, sticker or piece of jewelry brings positivity into your life. The company’s slogan is therefore “adding a little beauty to your everyday”. Every product has a story with a meaning of the illustrated flower, animal, insect or plant.

Audit Directors Email Lists


  • Corporate identity. The corporate identity of the website is very simple and legible.
  • responsive. The website scales well and works fine on both mobile and desktop.
  • Photos. All products have two product photos that you can switch by hovering over them.
  • Menu. All categories are in the menu above. The footer contains the about, blog and contact pages.

 Points for improvement

  • The corporate identity is very different from the product. It would make it more personal if the corporate identity of the product would be reflected on the website. The house style of the product is playful and romantic with calligraphic letters and juicy colours.
  • Here too, the logo is very busy and in small format it is not easy to read and recognize.

5. Lure.

lock. was founded by Beau because she was looking for the perfect clamp for her hair type for a long time. Because she couldn’t find them, she decided to make them from a durable and beautiful material that also makes glasses.


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