Communication with the client goes hand in hand with their corresponding loyalty. A loyal customer will believe in your brand, will have it as a reference and will consume it frequently. The recurrence of purchase by our customers will bring us not only income and profits, but it will also give us a certain margin to act and continue growing. It will feed hope, tranquility and stability to the business. It will tell us that something is being done right. To achieve this frequency of purchase, there are loyalty programs that allow us to carry out planning and facilitate action. Segmentation In the first place, we must carry out a segmentation of our clients. Group them according to their characteristics, interests that they may share or according to the different response to incentives they may give.

Communication for loyalty For loyalty, communication with the customer is a strong point. There are certain dates or. we must take into account as it is a great opportunity to communicate with the client. In order for said communication to be Tunisia Phone Number optimal and of quality. We must also prepare a media plan that defines how we will communicate the message that we want to convey. Budget and incentives Likewise, in a loyalty program we must assess. The budget and the attractive incentives that allow us to achieve customer loyalty. It will determine the possibilities of action with the greatest possible efficiency.

Means Growing by Their Side

Discounts and exclusive services, promotions and regular gifts or points programs can be used as incentives . These forms of purchase motivation can reach the customer through the online store, the store’s own mobile application or through e-mail marketing. Loyalty through communication: E-mail marketing The use of e-mail for commercial or loyalty purposes is a very valuable tool for communication with the client. It is based on the periodic sending via e-mail of notices about promotions, catalogues, publicity and others.

For sending and choosing its recipients, a consistent strategy is followed in which it is defined, according to the segmentation and the objectives that are intended to be achieved, the group or groups of people to whom the e-mail campaign will be addressed. marketing. Those people who receive it in their inbox are subscribers of our brand. In order to be, they must previously authorize the reception of our commercial information. The mailing, in addition to being direct and attractive, must appear in the user’s inbox just before we believe that the user may miss us. It is important to know the behavior of our subscribers and take into account that the frequency of our campaigns must be appropriate.

Online Loyalty Plan as We Mentioned

A coffee in the afternoon every day is routine, once a month seems little. You like to do it once or twice a week. Also apply this rule to the e-mail marketing of your business. Additionally, they do contests, offer coupons, and make special offers. Through them you can offer all kinds of services to your clients, and as we mentioned before, at very affordable prices. 6. Load speed One of the biggest benefits of getting a CMS is that it helps increase page load speed, thereby providing a better user experience. When a page takes a long time to load, the user usually leaves it and looks for another alternative.

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