E-commerce is a constantly moving wheel whose main engine is to attract visits to the virtual store. The visits received by any online store are desirable to become customers. This wheel also requires that these users, in addition to customers, be recurring consumers of our online site. Communication and loyalty are key pieces in this puzzle. Online communication and loyalty table of contents [ hide ] 1 Online communication and loyalty 1.1 Attract visitors. Convert visitors into customers 1.3 Customer loyalty. From customers to subscribers 2 Online loyalty plan. Segmentation 2.2 Communication for loyalty 2.3 Budget and incentives 3 Loyalty through communication.

Attract visitors To attract visitors we need, first of all, to achieve a remarkable natural positioning in search engines. At the same time, it is advisable to rely on resources that add value to the online establishment and allow for customer Panama Phone Number feedback. Some of these resources are e-mail marketing, offline advertising, banners, blogs, social networks such as YouTube and referrers and influencers . As far as advertising banners are concerned, we must take into account a series of relevant aspects. The banner must load quickly on the page, so it must not be very heavy. It must be visible in any browser and it is not convenient that it saturates the content.

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However, is essential that it includes calls to action of the type “Click here” and link it to the corresponding landing page. The page on which the banner is published must be appropriate according to the traffic of the portal, the target audience to be reached, the formats it supports, the price and the possibility of measuring results. Convert visitors into customers Once the online visits are obtained, we will try to convert the following ones into clients. The optimization of the Web and the usability of the online store will motivate the visitor to stay in it and will enhance the possibility of making the purchase. In turn, the integration of third-party content and the production of own content are very relevant.

However, communication that our customers receive from us from the Web or mobile application itself must invite action, motivate the consumer so that that hesitant purchase decision becomes a firm one. Customer loyalty Once the purchases of those who visit the online establishment have been achieved, we look for the recurrence of their purchase. In order for the user who has been our client to come back to us, we must build loyalty. In this way, the need or indifference will not arise in him to give another brand or product a substitute for ours a chance. For online loyalty, permission marketing, the combination of attractive content for the retina and offline conversion strategies are necessary.

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However, customers to subscribers As a last step, before finishing the first round. The wheel of actions for the success of an online business, we will try to convert our clients into prescribers. This will allow us to keep in touch with those users. However, have opted for us and keep them up to date with our products or services. The main instruments for online communication and loyalty that facilitate this conversion are viral marketing. The recommendation that allows you to share the content or the online store with friends and acquaintances, along with social networks.

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