You have your customers, but do you have a real strategy to keep them ? In other words, what actions do you put in place so that your customers decide to continue the adventure with you, to call on your services again – here, come back for training in your premises, for example – or Macedonia Email List you to their peers? (To this end, do not hesitate to refer to our article which explains how to transform your customers into ambassadors ). To make my remarks clear, we are going to study 4 examples, taken from 4 training organizations in Reunion . This will inspire you and surely inspire you to adopt good practices as well. Ready to pamper your interns? Let’s go !

After the meeting, your interlocutor will surely have revealed some interesting facts about his background, his city of birth, anecdotes about his current position, etc. Great, step back and write them down on the back of the card . Once this contact entered in your contact software (see below) the next day, add these elements in the form. They will make the difference in future discussions

Exchange Regularly With Your Customers And (Especially) Informally

Gagli, manager of the training organization GFP specializing in the fields of Audiovisual, Multimedia, and Internet in Saint-Pierre, explains to us that he always makes sure to set up his office, to manage the game. administrative function next to the coffee machine. Yes, Gagli understood it too: a lot of issues – and important decisions! – are taken around the coffee machine .

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It is very interesting to be able to discuss with your customers, what could be better than an intern who confides in you his problems? Be attentive ear ready to give it 5 minutes of your precious time. Show him that he is not your umpteenth customer but rather that you care about his problems . I’m not telling you to slip into the shoes of her best friend, or of a spy – the joke – to spy on the slightest confidence, but rather to implement a kind of connivance, by showing her, in all simplicity that the fact that he had a good night’s sleep and that he is able on this Monday morning to integrate all the mass of knowledge that the trainer has planned for him, matters to you!

Create Spaces For Discussion

Once the training is over, once back home, questions may arise. Imagine that the person had to leave faster and did not have the correction of the last practical case, wouldn’t it be wise to set up an internal platform to solve these problems? This is the choice made by Tetranergy, as explained very well by Éric Julien, educational coordinator at Tetranergy.:

“For the License levels, we have chosen to create a virtual meeting space, animated by the trainers of the organization. Then, the trainers are free to extend these spaces by creating for example private groups, for example on Facebook “. To create such spaces, be aware that there are several platforms, secure collaboration tools, which you can use, for example Yammer .

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