LinkedIn has also started to stories! When we know that the publication of Nepal Email List has only been possible since 2017, we realize that a shift has been made in a few years. For a long time, LinkedIn has been the network of sobriety. In tone and form.

The posts consisted of text, images and links only. In recent years, the professional network has been modernizing and offering more and more possibilities for its publications. I therefore offer you a quick overview of the different formats that exist on this platform.

If I Tell You That This Is The Format To Test On Linkedin ,

you might think I am crazy. Yet I will tell you. Already because it is a recent format and it seems that LinkedIn tends to push it and distribute it to as many people as possible . In addition, the ergonomics are very well thought out. The document is displayed as a carousel and displays the number of pages with a title. You just have to think about adapting your document for mobile use . Not too much text on each page and above all big enough to read.

Nepal Email List

The simplest format and yet among the most efficient . A more or less long text without media. No photo, no video. Surprising as it may seem, this would be one of the most successful formats on LinkedIn. You find it hard to believe me. I suggest you take a look at this experience of Agorapulse’s Social Media Lab. It seems that posts containing only text would generate an average of 10 times more views .

If Done Well, Video Is A Very Engaging Format .

A picture is worth a thousand words. But this image must have added value. If it’s just about making your post look better or more visible, stick with text. The photo must illustrate your point or be the main element of your publication. If you can do without it, do it. As mentioned above, LinkedIn favors text content. In terms of format, think of content that is mobile-friendly. Take this into account in your content strategy .

It makes it easy to entertain your audience and create close proximity . YouTube links are to be avoided, post directly on LinkedIn. Also think about the subtitles , for the sake of accessibility but also because most people watch the video without sound. Regarding the format, I invite you to consult our article which deals with video formats .

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