LinkedIn introduces Conversations Ads to its messaging. LinkedIn wants to Finland Email List its advertising format options with the launch of a new type of message. The Conversations Ads will allow advertisers to implement campaigns of personalized messages, then they could be especially useful in the world of B2B.

This new feature is based on Messages Ads (formerly “Sponsored InMail” ) . Conversation Ads are currently being rolled out globally as a public beta . The feature will be available to all advertisers in all languages.

Conversation Ads: What Uses?

As shown in the demonstration, these Conversation Ads will allow you to insert calls-to-action buttons in the message, in order to offer the different services offered by the advertiser. The offers can be of different types: visit the company website
discover products
register for a webinar
download an e-book
subscribe to the newsletter …

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Of course, this type of personalized offer is much more engaging than a classic message. Consequently, they will allow advertisers to significantly increase their chances of attracting customers with the aim of making them interested in their services. However, a small specificity remains: this type of message can only be sent to the customer if he is online on the LinkedIn network, when the offer is sent to him. This ad format is therefore designed for real-time engagement.

What Are The Advantages ?

LinkedIn is launching Conversation Ads with one goal: to enable Internet users to carry out quality conversations through a personalized experience , whether in B2C or B2B. Concretely, Conversation Ads allow: maintain closer communication with your audience (creation of CTAs to encourage your prospects to consult your content) improve the quality of your conversations to generate more qualified leads (via pre-selection questions, Lead Gen forms, etc.)

define more precisely the intentions of your audience (accessibility to detailed statistics: number of clicks, level of engagement in the conversation, etc.) Finally, the new Conversation Ads feature is timely in this time of crisis, as companies are currently looking for the best alternatives to stay in touch with their prospects and customers, and maintain their visibility on the web. Conversation Ads LinkedIn seems to be a good alternative to overcome the difficulty encountered by certain marketing levers in place, especially offline.

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