LinkedIn, for its part, has already started testing this innovation on a local scale. Indeed, in the United States, the stories appeared under the name of “French Email List Voices” and are accessible to students of American campuses. “LinkedIn wants to promote fast exchanges like on Snapchat,

Facebook and Instagram in order to” offer a flexible and light way to share updates between users without it being attached to your profile or that the message is perfect. ” Said Pete Davies, director of product management at LinkedIn. So the goal of stories is to provide flexibility in communication between users.


Linkedin And Twitter In Turn Launch Stories

After having had a huge success on the Snapchat side. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Whatsapp have followed the trend. And it’s now the turn of Linkedin and Twitter to announce this week that they are launching the stories feature on their network, with the aim of encouraging users to communicate with each other more than in the past.

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Twitter for its part has just launched its own “ story” model . Called “ fleets” or “ fleeting thoughts”, they allow Twitter users to post an opinion, mention a fact or a reflection on a subject. These are presented in the form of ephemeral messages which disappear 24 hours later, with a dedicated interface which is located outside the news feed.

Presentation Of The Fleet Format On Twitter

However, we can react in private as is already the case on other networks such as Snapchat and Instagram. They cannot therefore be retweeted or commented publicly. The format was first tested at the local level in Brazil.

Twitter “Fleets” in Brazil. Source: Century Digital Now, it remains to be seen whether this feature will be successful as Snapchat or Instagram experienced it. To be continued …

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