LinkedIn Ads: new options available in Campaign Manager
Explanation Recently, LinkedIn underwent a complete overhaul of its Campaign Indonesia Email List platform, designed to make it easier to create campaigns and measure their impact. The new campaign creation experience enables goal-based optimization and pricing.

The new Campaign Manager version of LinkedIn comes with an enhanced “price per click” option that only charges advertisers for clicks that redirect users to a specific landing page. Recently, LinkedIn added 3 new features to its Campaign Manager advertising platform, as well as an optimized per click pricing option.

What New Options Are Available In Campaign Manager?

Awareness Campaigns brand: the new feature of Campaign Manager Brand Awareness ( awareness management campaign to the brand ) offers advertisers a head campaign option designed to help advertisers increase their “share of voice” on the platform. Brand awareness campaigns are billed by impressions ( CPM: cost per thousand ).

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Improved Website Conversion Capabilities: LinkedIn has improved its website conversion capabilities by strengthening its “tighter integration” with its conversion tracking tools. It is now possible to create optimized campaigns for specific actions on your website (like purchases, downloads or event registrations).
Announcements for LinkedIn Talent Solutions clients: LinkedIn opens Campaign Manager to its LinkedIn Talent Solutions clients, giving HR and recruiting professionals the ability to run advertisements aimed at providing more comprehensive job postings through LinkedIn or the site Client’s web.

New Options Available In Campaign Manager

Optimized Price Per Click: After redesigning Campaign Manager to include a goal-based workflow process, LinkedIn is now introducing optimized price per click to align with an advertiser’s goals. Advertisers who choose “website visits” as their goal will only be charged for clicks that redirect users to the advertiser’s landing page. Advertisers who schedule social engagement campaigns will be charged for any social engagement with the ad – likes, comments, shares, etc.

LinkedIn is strategically expanding its advertising platform for marketers focused on managing high volume campaigns. The latest updates aim to make LinkedIn a goal-based ads platform. New features include brand awareness campaigns that charge per impression, increased integration with its website conversion tracking capabilities, and ads for LinkedIn Talent Solutions clients to help them take recruiting action.

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