In France, 69% of the working population has a LinkedIn account. Having become an essential professional network, LinkedIn now has 756 million Croatia Email List around the world. A true online passport, the LinkedIn profile serves as a showcase for companies as well as a digital CV for job seekers. So, to improve their digital identity, recruit new nuggets, or canvass new customers, many companies are looking to develop their communication on LinkedIn.

To meet the needs of these companies, independents or organizations looking for visibility, LinkedIn has created a platform entirely dedicated to advertising on the network: LinkedIn Ads.

The Strength Of Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads is the advertising platform of the social network LinkedIn. The platform is aimed at all profiles looking for more visibility on the network. The main advantage of LinkedIn Ads is the ability to create an advertisement within the news feed of Internet users. This is referred to as Sponsored Content. With this system, the advertising message is more discreet and impactful.

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The platform offers other advertising possibilities such as: sending private messages or notifications to the client, or even the pre-filling of forms displayed after the click on an advertisement. With LinkedIn Ads, advertisers also have the possibility of evaluating the performance of their advertisements.

Full Details Of These Features Are Detailed In The New Linkedin Ads Guide .

The guide is divided into four main categories covering the main types of LinkedIn Ads advertising formats : Sponsored Content, to distribute your advertising on the LinkedIn feed, the Sponsored Message, which gives a new function to LinkedIn messaging, Lead Gen forms, removing the main obstacle to conversion by pre-filling the forms with the information of Linkedin members.

and the classic but effective formats, Texts Ads and Dynamics Ads, displayed in the right column. Among all these types of advertising, the new Linkedin Ads guide will help you find the advertising solutions that meet your needs. So, tempted to create an advertising campaign on LinkedIn Ads? Find out how to properly target your audience and create a LinkedIn Ads campaign .


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