(Last episode of our series devoted to hackers and their micro-factories of the Future. To close this tour of France, our special correspondent Algeria Email List Herard (aka Drapher) went to Brest to meet with the founders of Fabrique du Ponant .)

The associative dynamic of Brest innovation is a reality which today materializes by the creation of a rather unique place in the world of FabLabs: Les Fabriques du Ponant. This 900 square meter space within the Vauban technical high school in Brest will host two FabLabs, that of the engineering school, the “Téléfab”, as well as the “TyFab” of the “La Maison du Libre” association, but also the association of popular education through science and technology, “Les petits resourceful”. Visit of the actors of the consortium of FabLabs and popular education of Brest, in the course of constitution.

Popular Education

mini-internshipPierre Allée, the Fabriques du Ponant coordinator, recently recruited by the association, welcomes us in front of a college. This passionate thirty-something does not discover the world of FabLabs with his new position, he has already participated in the creation of several hackerspaces and knows the field perfectly, although not himself a pure technician.

Algeria Email List

If he chose to receive us here in the first place, it is to show us and explain to us what “Les Petits Débrouillards” are and do, still installed in the premises of the college, and one of the three actors of “ Fabriques du Ponant ”.Here we are at the Petits Débrouillards grand Ouest. It is an association of popular education through science and technology, member of a national federation, and it is this association which will bear the administrative and financial responsibility for the consortium project indicates Pierre Allée when entering the premises. .

Fablab Of Future Engineers

Ember 7The second player in the “Fabriques du Ponant” is the “Telefab” inaugurated in September 2012, the FabLab of the “Telecom Bretagne” engineering school. This large room of more than one hundred square meters, in the heart of the campus, houses dozens of computers, several 3D printers, a digital milling machine and all the components and electronic devices essential for prototyping ,? main activity of any self-respecting FabLab.

The head of FabLab, teacher-researcher at Telecom Bretagne, Sylvie Kerouedan explains the reasons for the creation of TeleFab: The idea started with a few teachers, and it was above all to make material available to students, particularly machines. We wanted to involve them straight away, and they quickly adopted the concept to become real players in the FabLab. The goal is to lead them to concrete realization. Most of our students have done “prep” and are only in knowledge, they don’t realize that they are capable of doing things. And by doing things, they will imagine something else.

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