Lay’s is staking out space on the Albania Phone Number coachella festival grounds. To provide concert-goers an immersive tasting experience and show. Off new sustainability-minded packaging, per a news release. The frito-lay snack division will set up a series of “potadomes”. During both weekends of the event running april 15-24. Visitors who secure a reservation ahead of time will receive. A four-course seated meal featuring lay’s chips that were baked less. Than 24 hours beforehand and sourced from west coast agricultural partner farms. Bookings for the fresh 4d experience open on. April 6 through a website page. The Albania Phone Number potatoes also feature “speakeasy spuds” stations inspired by different. Music genres, with a crunch studios space where visitors can dj. A golden glow dome displaying lighting synced to electronic music. And a flavor pop hangout pairing bold flavors with pop tunes.

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Other experiences for the festival, which will also. Be the Albania Phone Number first place to try several variants of its chips. In 100% commercially compostable packaging. Dive insight: lay’s is seizing on the return of live concerts. To promote its efforts to make a more eco-friendly bag of chips. The coachella activations mark the first time that a food brand has had an. Experiential presence at the outdoor music festival, according. To Albania Phone Number melissa miranda, senior director of marketing at frito-lay north america. Additionally, lay’s will run a contest through its. Instagram page with a chance to win tickets to the show. Coachella has been on hiatus since the start of the pandemic but is returning. This year without vaccine or mask requirements. As consumers flock to the grounds for a sense of catharsis and return. To normalcy, lay’s is trying to pair its snack offerings.

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Music genres on. The Albania Phone Number lineup to create a sense of immersion. Consumers who miss out on a seat at the more curated. Potadomes tastings will see lay’s pop up elsewhere over the two weekends. A lay’s lounge sampling room in the general admission area is modeled. On the golden hues often used by the brand in its marketing. The Albania Phone Number room includes points of interaction evoking different music styles. Like pop, electronic, and hip-hop. At outdoor festivals where room to take a breather is scarce. The space may make for a welcome reprieve. Lay’s in-person push around coachella sends another signal that experiential marketing. Is back in force after encountering hurdles earlier in the pandemic. Cheetos, another frito-lay snack, had a presence at the. Recent south by southwest in austin, texas.

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