Launch Google Search Console and visit the homepage. Then click the red button labeled “Create Set” in the upper right corner:Create a property set in GSC. 2. Give the property set a descriptive name, then start selecting the “members” of the set. A member is simply a site that you have verified in GSC. For our domain name change example, we’ll select eight different sites. Click the drop-down menu to select a member and choose each site to include. Add members to a property set in GSC. 3. Once you have selected the eight sites for the domain name change property set, click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the window.

Note That You Will See a “Changes Saved” Message at

the top of the screen, but the page will not redirect to the GSC home page. Everything is fine, just click on the “Search Console” logo on the top left to return to the Google Search Console home page. Registering a set of properties in GSC. 4. Once you return to Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List the GSC home page, you should see your new set of properties listed. You will also see a “Manage Set” drop-down menu on the right where you can choose to edit this set or delete the set. Managing a set of properties in GSC. 5.

Analyze Your Data. It Is Important to Note That You Will Not


see any data when first configuring the property set. Google needs to start collecting data first. After a few days, you should be able to view search analytics data for the set of properties (aggregated data from all sites in the set). Once the data is received, you will be able to view trends over time, queries across the property set, pages ranked in search.

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