A cryptomonnaie , what is it? “It’s a South Korea Phone Number List of currency. The term cryptocurrency gets its name from the extremely secure form of cryptography that is used to verify transactions. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology and the value of each depends on the type of blockchain it depends on. According to the Calibra website . So no note or cryptocurrency coin, or even a central bank: it is a decentralized system. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency – and the first blockchain – created in 2009. Today and only 10 years later, there are nearly 1,500 different cryptocurrencies, the most important of which are Bitcoin and

Ethereum. Libra: economic revolution? Libra, Crypto-Currency, Facebook, Money, Currency 5 facts about this new cryptocurrency: 1. Libra promises a universal financial system via blockchain technology and at a lower cost compared to the current banking system: who has not already been fooled into exchanging money in a foreign currency? 2. Today 1.7 billion people are excluded from the financial system (lack of funds, information, nearby ATMs, excessive bank charges). Zuckerberg’s idea is to remedy this: he ensures that his main motivation is to create truly free access, the only condition being to have the Internet. 3. The Libras can be managed via digital portfolios on the “Messenger”, “WhatsApp” and “Calibra” applications

Libra Promises A Universal Financial

the latter being completely dedicated to their management. Facebook promises speed, simplicity, fluidity and security in the operation of its cryptocurrency. 4. Recent scandals affecting the privacy of Facebook users raise questions about privacy policies . Data on the financial flows of users can pay off very big! All financial information would be managed separately from the social network and that’s quite a relief. Facebook, Inc. will not have access to the financial data of Libra users. Zuckerberg’s company will be just one of 28 others including Uber, Paypal and Spotify. The partners constitute a governance council: Libra Association , acting as central bank. 5. The volatility of cryptocurrencies hinders their use as a medium of


exchange. They are more objects of speculation. For Libra to become a mainstream currency, it will be indexed to several relatively stable currencies (euro, dollar, yen, etc.) and to government bonds to avoid excessive fluctuations. The dizzying size of Libra raises concerns Flag, Europe, Europe Flag, Eu Flag, Star, Eu, Country Shortly after the announcement of the exit from Libra, the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Mr. Bruno Lemaire, spoke very quickly and his opinion seemed mixed. Libra should only remain an instrument of transaction so as not to become a sovereign currency , according to the Minister of the

Recent Scandals Affecting The Privacy

Economy. He evokes the dangerousness of such control by a private company whose interest is not public. The questions which arise on this new means of transaction (or this new currency?) Are numerous. Could central banks lose control over monetary policies ? Could politicians become useless ? What would be the macroeconomic consequences on developing countries? How to prevent illegal transactions and scams ? Will consumers be assured of always being able to convert Libras back into a local currency? Finally, the fact that Calibra is a subsidiary of Facebook, certainly independent , tends to worry all the players on the protection of financial data. Can we speak of a sovereign currency which will compete with the currencies of

the States? Faced with the growing concern of the latter, new regulations should be discussed during the G7 finance meeting to be held in Chantilly in mid-July.(decision-making) bodies (project committees, steering committees) Rigorous monitoring of decisions and actions validated in the committees The provision and validation of a new shared and validated project plan Objectives, challenges Perimeter (neither too much nor too little) Principles of the target (process, functions, techniques, etc.) Teams, project organization, project sponsorship Project governance Planning (realistic, and iterative) Method (as much as possible – agile and iterative) Project budget The last point is to show that once the reframing has been

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