Kraft singles launched a singles single campaign, teaming with a singer-songwriter. Kelis is to release a song titled “square it” on Spotify and others. Streaming platforms, per details shared with marketing dive. On “square it,” Kelis — the Jordan Phone Number “milkshake” musician who is also. A trained chef — sings about how kraft singles can be used in the kitchen. The effort is the first activation of the brand’s square-it platform, which. Seeks to expand the brand’s identity beyond an ingredient familiar. Meals like grilled cheese. The Jordan Phone Number campaign comes as kraft looks to insert its brand. Pop culture as it attempts to build on double-digit sales growth. That was spurred by the pandemic. Key trends defining the state and future of local retail. Explore insights from 144 retailers and over 1,300 consumers.

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How customer expectations have changed. And what you can do to Jordan Phone Number stay ahead. Learn more dive insight: kraft singles is the latest. Kraft Heinz brand to launch a campaign that attempts to tie its product. To pop culture creatively as the marketer — like other CPG — seeks. To Jordan Phone Number reinvigorate legacy brands for new consumer groups. By releasing a song about different ways to use kraft singles. The brand hopes to shift its brand identity from marketing that focuses on generic. Functional insights, per details, emailed to marketing dive.“the square it campaign is all about. Taking kraft singles out of the kitchen and bringing the brand into pop. Culture as we look for new ways to engage with our fans.

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The covid pandemic, kraft singles have seen. Double-digit growth for the Jordan Phone Number first time in five years,” kyle Dittrich. Senior associate brand manager for Kraft American slices said in a statement. The first singles single is a collaboration with a singer-songwriter. Kelis, who is best known for bringing the boys. To her yard with the 2003 hit “milkshake.” along with her musical career — which also includes. The 2014 album “food” — Kelis trained at le cordon bleu. Released a cookbook, and debuted her line of sauces. In that way, the Jordan Phone Number team-up makes an authentic connection with pop. Culture, is a key to successful music-based marketing.

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