Before data analysis, it is often necessary to spend a lot of effort in the process of data cleaning, for example, it is necessary to preprocess missing data, duplicate data or erroneous data. There are also many small partners who rashly carry out collection work without thinking about what data they want to obtain to verify what hypotheses. These are Saudi Arabia Mobile Number very important but easily overlooked questions before entering the data analysis process.

As former US Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil puts it: “It’s not  80% of the work in any data project is collecting and cleaning data.”

In order to Saudi Arabia Mobile Number better avoid such problems, it is necessary to conduct in-depth analysis in the “specific description of the problem” and “establishment of assumptions” before data analysis is carried out. In this period, “slow is fast”. If you cannot correctly define the problem, disassemble it reasonably. And grasp the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number key issues, the subsequent links will be in vain.

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So, the right questions are road signs that lead you to reliable solutions. And high-quality data is the cornerstone of data analysis. Based on my actual work experience, I have sorted out 7 things you need to know before data analysis, hoping to inspire you.

Considering the countermeasures against the background of “a SaaS company’s online reservation management product renewal rate has dropped this year”, the “renewal rate drop” is only the result of the problem, and you can’t imagine a solution to this result. You should think about the reasons behind this result. What are the possibilities and why.

Break down business thinking into quantifiable numbers

If you think that the main reason is “the employees of the merchant cannot get started quickly”, then after the above analysis, it can be rearranged as “whether the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number merchant does not use the merchant because of the lack of guidance for the use of the merchant (what) during the start-up stage (when)” Renewal?”, making the question more specific.

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Data analysis can be  to answer specific questions. When you suspect that the “lack of usage guidance” is related to the “renewal rate”. You can go to observe and collect metrics such as the number of coaches in the onboarding stage, the number of ticket submissions, etc. from the customer service or customer success department.



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