The KissKissBankBank financing platform was born in 2009 . Around 2007, Ombline le Lasseur, Adrien Aumont and Vincent Ricordeau Ukraine WhatsApp Number List that social networks like Myspace or Facebook were starting to unite communities. These were very active around artists or causes. The idea he had was therefore to offer these communities to participate in the funding of artistic projects, on a platform complementary to these new networks.

funding platform10 years later, 140 million euros were collected on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank. A small amount compared to traditional finance, but a big leap forward for crowdfunding. A few weeks ago, we therefore spoke to Vincent Ricordeau , co-founder and CEO of KKBB, in the crowdfunding house , at 34 rue de Paradis in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

Banque Postale’s Punk Crowdfunding Platform

For 10 years, KissKissBankBank and the postal bank have been partners, and the platform has been sold to the La Poste group. For La Banque Postale, this merger is an opportunity to modernize its image with young people. According to Vincent Ricordeau, it is also the Punk side of the financing platform that attracted them; the aim is therefore not to absorb the start-up but on the contrary to give it its freedom and identity.

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Illustration magazine project funded on KissKissBankBank
On the digital platform side, in addition to the economic contribution, this partnership allows the brand to be deployed throughout France, with the installation of promotional corners in the 2000 largest post offices.

Crowdfunding, Crowdlending And Free Donations

In 10 years, the crowdfunding platform has diversified its activities. Through the crowdlending platform Lendopolis , it allows individuals to participate, in exchange for a monthly remuneration of 5 to 10%, in the financing of projects.

Lendopolis practices a remuneration system which moves away from donation and which promises substantial returns on investment (5 to 10% of remuneration per year). But it preserves the values ​​of the company since the proposed projects relate exclusively to ecological transition. Thus, it will be possible to deposit or participate in the financing of a project in a physical place, with a guide. Not only will KissKissBankBank reach a new audience, but it will also benefit from the network of postal employees who, for a third, are elected or active in the associative world.

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