received in its offices, Elodie Darquié, general public communication project manager at Inria . She gave us the pleasure of answering a few Belgium Email List about Inriality , a platform for exchanges and reflections on the challenges of digital civilization. Published by Inria in 2011, the barometer: the French and the new digital world highlights the fact that the French are curious but relatively perplexed in the face of digital challenges in various and varied areas of our society (health, agriculture, the environment…).

Written by journalists or contributors, the articles aim to sensitize a wider public to digital issues. Actors and witnesses of the digital world, opinion leaders, digital thinkers and researchers in digital science answer all the questions we ask ourselves about this new society.

Who Is Elodie?

Elodie Darquié is project manager for general public communication at Inria, Public Institute for Research in Numerical Sciences . Inriality is a system of information and debates around the digital world.

Belgium Email List

What is the origin of the project?
In 2011, the barometer: the French and the new digital world published by Inria highlighted the fact that the French are rather curious and interested in digital technology while being perplexed. There is also a certain form of misunderstanding. Inriality was created in 2012 with the aim of answering these questions and making these issues accessible to the general public.

What Is The Goal Of Inriality ?

The objective is to provoke the debate on our world which is struck by an increasingly digital reality, and to make a wider public aware of digital issues. Inriality wants to allow everyone to better understand the challenges of the digital collective. We all have uses of digital technology (in medicine for example), Inriality tries to understand how digital technology has become established in our society and its challenges, in order to open a debate.

What kind of content can we find? Who is the target audience? Inriality is a place of dialogue where everyone is free to make their contribution. To answer the various questions tha arise, various sources of intelligence are brought together for the writing of articles: – informational articles written by the Inria team
– columns written by contributors or the latter shares his personal experiences and defends its ideas
This platform targets the general public with educational articles, talking about daily topics (health, transport, etc.).

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