At 50A we are always on the lookout for new uses in the digital ecosystem, whether technological, social or societal. We often remind our Burundi Email List that “there is no point in reinventing the powder” when it comes to development, for example, especially if it is not a real innovation or an innovative service.

It is sometimes much more relevant to rely on services, technologies or platforms that already exist, in order to be able to devote your budget to other items. This is why we took an interest in one of the most innovative start-ups of the moment, MAZ Digital. We even had the pleasure of interviewing one of its founders, Paul Canetti.

Can You Tell Us How The Idea Of ​​creating ‘maz’ Came To You?

This idea came about very naturally, after leaving Apple in 2009, I worked as a consultant and freelance in the development and design of applications with Simon Baumer. Simon is one of the other founders of MAZ, we made custom iPhone applications.

Burundi Email List

When the iPad launch was announced in the spring of 2010, we received inquiries almost immediately from publishers who wanted their iPad app. Everyone wanted one. We soon realized that creating custom apps for each publisher would be incredibly time consuming and expensive. And even if we had, how could they have added new content every week or every month? How could they have made the app interactive? That’s how the idea for MAZ was born.

How Many People Are Working With You Now?

Simon and I were working on this platform and to develop our idea, I posted many articles on the Linkedin forums, one in particular on digital publishing. We then met our third partner, Shikha Arora. She read one of my posts and sent me a message via Linkedin.

The message read something like: “Hello, I am an engineer for Adobe InDesign in India and I am thinking of leaving Adobe to create a digital publishing platform for iPad. ”
Needless to say I had not received a lot of emails beginning in this way, so from there we started to talk by Skype and then face to face. So we 3 have become the heart of MAZ.

Between my media and design skills (before working for Adobe, I was a freelance designer for magazines), Shikha’s skills in programming (especially in building publication tools) and Simon’s skills in infrastructure web, we really had the capacity to create this complex platform.

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