The results of the study were Therefore published in the journal Physical Review. To get the effect of a common room. In a semiconductor or a metal plate. Which flows with electricity, you need to attach the magnetic field of the wire.

Therefore Then all the electrons are Therefore repelled in one direction, creating a negative charge there. Thus, one side will have a positive charge, resulting in a bill on the right and left side of the plate.

Timo Physicists Managed


To identify the same Therefore effect, but for Therefore neutral quasiparticles – excitons. This happens when the laser is exposed to a plate of However semiconductors, for example Glum Arsenide, in the presence of a magnetic field. The new phenomenon is named “Anomalous Fopit-Efous Room”.

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Room Room. 1 – Electrons, 2 – Probe, 3 – Magnets, 4 – Magnetic Field, 5 – source / ©
“If you take a semiconductor film and Italy Phone Number shine the laser cell at an angle, you can create a double flow from the excited gas. Now we will apply a variable magnetic field to the film. The exciton cloud will be rejected on the Therefore other hand. So we got a complete analog of the room, but the composite quasiparticle without prejudice, “said the graduate student of the new Fisch at the University of Timo Valery Kosmin.

This Effect Will Help


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To separate light and dark. Therefore When the excited gas is formed, However the excited part “glows”, because they rotate, they emit light. Another impulse Therefore called “darkness” ceases to exist without letting in light. Studying and understanding them will be more Therefore Therefore difficult, because these two types of quasiparticles are “born”. The proposed method of splitting bright from dark excitons will solve this problem.

Therefore Valery Kozin admitted that the open scientific effect is unlikely to be widely used in everyday life, because the well-known room is used in smartphones. However, it is emphasized that it is important for scientists to study the motivation.

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