Therefore, These regulations impose the need to include certain mandatory content on any web page where products or services are sold or information about them is provided. Specifically, these 3 sections that we detail below are mandatory and must appear Kazakhstan Phone Number separately.In other words, in a visible place on the web. In other words, legal notice : with minimal information about the owner of the website such as their tax code, registered office, email and registration data in the Mercantile Registry, etc.

The purpose of this legal notice is to identify the owner

In other words, of the website and therefore the person ultimately responsible for its content. Therefore, in which web users are informed about the collection of personal data. – a cookie policy . In other words, It is mandatory to inform the user about the collection of cookies and their purpose.  Incorporate the general contracting conditions. Did you know.

Kazakhstan Phone Number

Failure to comply with data protection regulations

carries fines from 900 euros to 600,000 euros. In the case of breaching the rule on cookies, the penalty can amount to 150,000 euros? DISMISS ALERT At Be Markethink we collaborate with lawyers specialized in electronic commerce who can advise you on . The content of all these sections or write exclusive content for your website or online store. Contact us without obligation for more information.   Functionality of a web page and yet we forget such .Important aspects as the legal content that every website must have. . Rules that regulate the legal content of a websiteOrganic Law on the Protection of Personal Data. Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce

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